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Find an Arizona Family Law Attorney Near You

by John Milton
Find an Arizona Family Law Attorney Near You

Parents needing help from a family law attorney find themselves in dire straits. Finding Arizona’s trusted family law attorneys to help you through that trauma is mission-critical. In Arizona, there are over 12,000 attorneys listed inFindLaw’s Lawyer Directory. That number can be intimidating. And even if only half of them practice family law, how will you ever get in front of the right one?

Whether mediating a divorce or multiple cases of child custody, a good lawyer makes all the difference in your fight for your rights. Read to learn how to find an Arizona family law attorney near you.

Research Arizona Lawyers who Specialize in Family Law

To find an Arizona family law attorney who specializes in family law, you should start with a search for “Arizona family law” on Google or another search engine. You can also check the yellow pages or ask friends and family if they have any recommendations.

When you’ve found some potential lawyers, consider whether they specialize in family law. If so, ensure that this is their only practice area so they don’t have other responsibilities that might conflict with your case.

Next, look at reviews from previous clients to see what kind of work the lawyer does and whether they have cases similar to yours (i.e., custody disputes). If possible, ask people recently involved in similar cases as yours—do they think highly of the lawyer? It is helpful because those who went through similar experiences may know more about certain attorneys than someone looking at them from the outside would know.

It’s also essential that your attorney has experience working within the legal system. If not, they will likely be unable to represent you effectively in court because they won’t understand how judges reach decisions based on case precedent.

Look for a Lawyer whose Office Is Near Your Home

It may be tempting to want to find an attorney who specializes in family law, but they are located far away from where you live. It could mean you must travel for many hours to meet with them or sign paperwork. If this distance is too great, it’s probably not worth it because the lawyer won’t be able to do much for you other than collecting their fees and sending letters back and forth via mail.

Consider Free Consultation

If you want to meet with the attorney and ask questions about your case, it may be helpful to schedule a consultation. During the meeting, get a feel for the lawyer’s personality and style and see if you like them and their methods.

It will help you decide whether or not this person is someone who can help guide your family through this difficult time. You’ll be able to ask questions about the process of filing for divorce in Arizona and how much money it will cost, as well as anything else that concerns you regarding divorce law in Arizona

Review the Attorney’s Website

Please review the website of each candidate you’re considering. Is it easy to navigate? Do they have an online payment option? Ensure that they have a comprehensive list of their education, experience, awards, membership in professional organizations, and any other specialties they may have. If you cannot see all this information on their website, ask about it when you call for your initial consultation.

Look for a practice area that aligns with your needs, but don’t let yourself get stuck in one particular area. Family law attorneys are often experts in child custody, divorce, annulment, alimony, child support, paternity, and visitation rights. But many family law attorneys also handle cases involving adoption and estate planning for clients who are getting married or divorced.

Consider also how long they’ve been practicing law in Arizona. If you’re looking for an attorney specializing in family law and want to be sure that person has experience with your particular situation, consider hiring someone who has been practicing for at least ten years or more. It is essential if you’re dealing with a complex issue or want someone who has handled similar cases before.

A good attorney is someone capable and committed to advocating for you. You must find a lawyer that knows the applicable laws well because then they will be able to help you maneuver through your divorce or other family law case without any problems. To find an Arizona divorce attorney, speak to friends and family about their experiences with divorce lawyers, check for lawyer referrals, take out ads in local publications and talk to a few different lawyers to see which one fits your personality best.

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