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Finding the Right Mattress for Side Sleepers

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Finding the Right Mattress for Side Sleepers, Side sleeping is a popular position but it can get very uncomfortable if you don’t get a suitable mattress. The good news is that you can find a good mattress for your side sleep pretty quickly. Many manufacturers consider all the needs of side sleepers when developing their mattresses because they are the majority.

A mattress with a soft side provides enough cushioning for the hips and shoulders which ensures proper alignment. Buy mattresses online with the elegant varities to choose from. The firmness and support are also vital to prevent sinking on the mattress, which can cause a lot of discomforts. So, how do you find the right mattress for side sleepers? Let’s find out in this article.


Firmness is the first consideration when choosing the Best Mattress to buy online for side sleepers. Mattresses come with a firmness scale of 1 to 10. The scale of one is the least firm while ten is the firmest mattress in the market. Medium firmness is the most comfortable mattress for side sleepers and perfect for even support.

Side sleepers should ensure they choose a firmness level of between 5 to 6 scales for proper alignment of their spine. Proper spine alignment is necessary for eliminating pain on the joints and ensures all pressure points of the body are well-balanced.

You also need to consider your weight when choosing the firmness level of your mattress. If you’re heavyweight, you should go for a firmer mattress while lighter people should consider a softer mattress.

Material Type

Mattresses are made with different kinds of materials which determine not only their quality but also an essential factor for the comfort of a side sleeper. The best mattresses for side sleepers are made using hybrid, latex, or foam materials. These materials ensure enough body support with a comfortable feel.

Steel coils are also popular materials used for making mattresses. They also provide excellent support and the preferred traditional feel but are more recommended for other types of sleepers. Choosing the material for your mattress is also a matter of what makes you more comfortable.

Your Partner

You need to have your sleep partner in mind when choosing the right mattress for side sleepers. It is crucial to understand that finding a mattress that satisfies the needs of two different people can be hard. It even becomes more complicated if one person is heavyweight while the partner is lighter.

The rule of thumb in such situations is to go for a medium firmness since it can blend the needs of two people in a single product. You can also ask the manufacturers to make a specific mattress that meets the needs of the two of you. The manufacturer will ask you simple questions like sleeping patterns, weight, health, etc. to consider those needs when making a suitable mattress.

There are also dual mattresses that consist of independent sides for you and your partner. All these come at a price, but you shouldn’t think twice about spending more if it’s for your health and comfort needs.

Individual Needs

Everyone has their individual needs when it comes to choosing a mattress. There are no one-size-fits-all mattresses because everyone has their preferences that determine the type of product they want. While many people can be generalized as side sleepers, there are still several factors that differentiate such people rather than just sleeping position.

Factors such as whether you sleep cold or hot, weight, health, and budget are among important things to consider. You should consider all these circumstances when choosing your mattress. Also, put in mind that you’ll only get what you paid for, and that’s why enough research is paramount if you want to get the best mattress for side sleepers.


How much you have in your budget for a new mattress determines what quality you will get. High-quality mattresses don’t come cheap. You have to be prepared to spend a fortune to get a mattress that suits all your needs. If you want the manufacturer to design a mattress suitable for your specific needs and that of your partner, be prepared to spend more.

However, high prices are no guarantee of quality in all situations. If you take your time to do your research, you can find a good mattress for side sleepers at a bargain price. Set the specific amount you have for the mattress and compare the specifications of mattresses within that range. Once you’re convinced that a particular brand is the best, you should go for it.

Consider What Other People Think

Because there are many side sleepers around the globe, getting their reviews about what they think about specific mattress types and their brands is very important. Thanks to the internet, you can get plenty of that just by browsing online. According to a survey conducted on various consumers, online reviews are trustworthy when it comes to shopping for a good mattress.

Reviews give unbiased views about products and are mostly from users who already have experience using the product. They are not just mere specifications and sales-like descriptions from the manufacturers.  You need to go online and find out what users are saying about different mattresses, what they like, and what they didn’t like, as well as the types they would recommend.

Filter all the information and find your preferred mattress for side sleeping. Be wary of those mattresses with so many bad experiences or those brands with poor customer service if you’re determined to find the best mattress.

You should be happy that you understand your sleeping position, which is very important when choosing a mattress. You’re not one of the people that toss and turn for a better part of their night before they can find a suitable sleeping position. This fact is not, however, a guarantee that you will find a good mattress right away.

What you need to do is shop around for the best and carry out enough research on mattresses for side sleepers. Buying a mattress is a huge investment, and you can’t risk finding the wrong one. Think about your health, comfort, support, sleep quality, among other factors that a good mattress should provide. These factors should guide you into choosing a suitable mattress.

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