It is really hard to understand the people who can have food without playing something on their television, smartphones or computers. There is hardly a person known to us who can chew their first bite before playing anything nice on their device. But it really gets confusing at times as to what should be watched when you are savoring your favorite dish of yours and the problem with Netflix is that it has a lot of variety when it comes to entertain the viewers. To make sure that you know what would go well with all that food waiting for you to consume it, the following list has been prepared!


The Last Kingdom is truly a magnificent show which is made on a high budget as it takes the viewers in the yesteryears of Britain. It makes for a great watch with your meals because the show has incorporated all the elements necessary for the entertainment of the viewers. The Last Kingdom season 5 is scheduled to release in 2021 or 2022 at the latest.


If you are a fan of animated shows which are meant for adults and tackle serious problems with utmost sincerity and subtlety, then you must not miss this show called Bojack Horseman. The best part about the show is that it has a lot of seasons and every season is high on quality. You can watch an episode or two while having lunch or dinner.

3.      DEREK :

A funny show which has been on Netflix for a while is Derek. It features amazing performances from the lead cast of Ricky Gervais, Kerry Godliman and David Earl. It is about a man who thinks that everyone around him is nice and the world is a great place to be in. Gervais features as a caregiver in the show and is truly a delight to watch. The show has two seasons and can be watched on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

4.      THE DUCHESS :

Comedy dramas like The Duchess have found their viewership among those who like to watch some lighthearted shows with serious undertones while having lunch. The show is created by Katherine Ryan and features her in the lead role as well. It was cancelled after the first season, but fans still hoped that the show would return with a second season.


The Walking Dead season 10 was one of the most popular and well received seasons of the show. Many fans were wondering when will season 10 of The Walking Dead be on Netflix. But they got the opportunity to watch The Walking Dead on Netflix with their favorite food soon after Netflix took the show under its wing.

There are a few more suggestions which would satiate your hunger for quality content, but let’s save them for another time. For now, you can watch the shows mentioned here with your favorite meals and dishes.