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Five Ways to Troubleshoot high Energy Bills in Australia

by M Sakhawat

Are you struggling to keep your energy bills in check? If so, you might be using the wrong tools to do so. Unfortunately, many people believe that electricity is a natural resource and needs to be managed. Well, it might not work. We must utilize electricity, like other resources, efficiently to meet our needs. 

If you’re paying your electricity bill on time and you’re not seeing any high energy bills, your chances are good. However, suppose you are one of the millions of Australians struggling to pay their power bill on time each month. In that case, it’s essential to know how to troubleshoot high energy bills. Here are five ways to troubleshoot that: 

  1. Compare the bills when the seasons change
  2. Monitor your hot water usage
  3. Update the inefficient home appliances
  4. Keep a check on your meter readings
  5. Go with a new energy plan

Compare the bills when the season changes:

Like many others, you may be wondering why your bills are higher than previous ones. Well, the main reason could be the seasonal change behind it. This type of billing fluctuation occurs when you tend to use more electricity or gas due to seasonal demand. So, if you are in shock because of your recent energy bills, consider this factor. Then compare energy bills to make sense of it.

 In Australia, the weather usually shifts abruptly from air-cons to electric heaters. In this case, do not compare your current bill with the previous one. Instead, compare this bill with last year’s account for the same month. It will help you reach the price fluctuation.

Monitor your hot water usage:

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Honestly, hot water usage and air conditioners are the main reason for high energy bills. Be it gas or electricity, hot water is the demand in this chilly weather. From washing clothes to dishes to hot showers, hot water considerably maximizes your electricity and gas bills. So, the best way to deal with this issue is to cut out on hot water usage. In addition, check the hot water pipes and tanks as they may be leaking. Monitor these little things for your good. 

Update the inefficient home appliances:

Billing can fluctuate due to many reasons. Your inefficient home appliances are one of those things. So, update your electronic devices if they are old or feeble. For instance, your fridge might be consuming more energy if the months are warm. Similarly, check if your washing machine needs up-gradation or your AC needs service. Most people tend to ignore this, but you can troubleshoot the billing issue this way.  

Keep a check on your meter readings:

It’s human nature not to like surprises in electricity bills. For most Australians, rising energy bills are not that surprising. But, you can keep a check on your meter readings to avoid those billing shocks. So, take your meter readings every month and estimate the amount yourself. 

Then compare your electricity bills based on your estimated amount. If the rates or accounts are too high from your assessment, talk to your providers and show them your meter readings. Also, follow up on the correction bill if needed.  

Go with a new energy plan:

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If you take all of the steps and are still unsure about the bills, it’s time to switch providers. For that, compare energy plans, assess the market, and go for a new energy plan. So, research every energy provider in your area and choose when meets your requirements and suits your budget. Or contact Cheapbills for a free comparison service. 

Summing up:

Struggling with high energy bills? Read this post. It is essential to know how to troubleshoot these billing problems. This post contains five fantastic ways to compare and sort out your energy bills. Start by comparing energy bills when the season changes. Also, monitor your hot water usage and update your home appliances. Moreover, keep checking your meter readings and go for a new energy plan that suits your household. 

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