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Best Tools for Interns to Make Their Resumes Efficient

by John Milton
Best Tools for Interns to Make Their Resumes Efficient

Getting a permanent job after completing an internship might sound easy to you, but in reality, it is not that easy. You cannot even get a job interview without sending an efficient resume to the hiring manager. In the past, resumes were created on MS word or other writing software programs, and it was considered to be a very difficult task.

Today if you want to create an efficient resume, then you can take help from online tools. Here in this post, we have discussed some of the best tools that can assist you in creating a job-winning resume. You can use these important tools and create a CV for any job you want in a matter of minutes.

Important Tools That Can Interns Create a Powerful Resume for Job Application 

Let us start with the most important utility using which interns can easily create appealing resumes which can showcase their skills and experience.

Canva – Resume Builder

Canva is a very famous graphic design suite. Canva helps you create different kinds of customized elements and infographics. Creating a resume with Canva is quite easy, as you will find hundreds of resume templates on this platform.

You just have to search for ‘resumes’ from the different listed categories on Canva. Once you select the resume section, hundreds of CV templates will appear on your screen. You can pick any template which intrigues you the most.

We would suggest you pick a template in which you find sections that can showcase your skills and other relevant information in detail. You can also search for specific templates by using specific keywords. In case you have completed an internship, you can search for resume templates that are specifically designed for interns. To create a CV with a resume-maker tool, you have to follow these steps:

  • Pick the template in which you can enter all important information 
  • Enter information in the respective fields of the template
  • Change the colors/layout of the template in the dashboard
  • Save the final resume in your desired format (preferably in PDF)

This is how easily interns can create resumes and share them with multiple hiring managers. Now you must know that a resume builder isn’t the only tool you need to create a resume. 

If you want to make the resume efficient and perfect, then you need to take help from some other important tools.


rephraser tool

This rephraser tool is used to rewrite content in an improved and unique way. The tool can be used to restate copied objective statements or resume summaries in an intriguing way. The free version of this paraphraser is best for creating unique content for a resume.

On resume builder tools, the templates you would find would already have relevant text written on them. A common mistake that we have seen interns and newbie applicants make is that they use the same text which is present on the CV template. 

Not all of us are creative and good at writing summaries or objective statements, which are an integral part of a resume. But that doesn’t mean you should use the same content as the template.

If you use the same text as the template, then it is only going to make your resume boring for the hiring manager, as they would have read it multiple times before. The summary statement or objective of a resume for an intern can be created with an online rephraser tool, and that too in seconds. 

You can copy text from the template or can also search for interesting summary samples on Google. Whichever draft interests you the most, you can enter as input in the sentence rephraser tool. By clicking on the ‘rephrase’ button, you can easily create unique resume content.


online word counter

The online word counter helps you in keeping track of the words you are writing in each section of the resume. It is important that you keep your information brief and concise. 

Internees don’t have much experience in creating resumes. Know that the best resume is one that is concise and provides to-the-point information. Usually, one-page resumes are the ones that are appreciated more by hiring managers. This is because they have to consider multiple applications for a single position. They simply don’t have time to read big passages spread on multiple pages. 

It can be hard for you to manage word count in different sections of the resume template you have selected. Here you can take help from the word counter tool. You can write down the summary, the objective statement, and other important information in the word counter tool. Keep the character count to the minimum or as per the specified space in the template sections.

Using a word counter tool can help you a lot in managing content on your resume. In case the word count increases or decreases, then it would adversely affect the layout or design of the resume you have selected.


online notepad

The online notepad, as the name tells us, is a utility that can indirectly help you create an efficient resume. A resume cannot be efficient until and unless it covers all important points that define your professional skills and experience. 

Before you create a resume yourself or with the help of a CV generator, it is important that you note down all the important points that you want to add to the resume. You can note your experience in reverse chronological order, you can note down skills you want to show, and all other important information that you feel can win the interest of the hiring manager.

An important tip is to note down all the requirements that are listed in the job listing post for the position you are applying for. You must add skills and other information that fulfill the requirements of the listing. This would make your resume even more desirable for any employer. 

End words

Creating a powerful and efficient resume is no easy task. You have to equip yourself with the tools we have discussed above so that you can create a worthy CV for the employer. Using an online resume maker, rephraser, word counter, and notepad would surely assist you in getting your desired job. 

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