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Free Mobile Slots Casino Bonuses

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Free Mobile Slots Casino Bonuses

In the 21st century, two great inventions have blessed us in the world of online slot games: mobile phone slot games and casino bonuses. With the former, we can take our slots anywhere in the world with us (provided that we have an internet connection!) and with the latter, we can play slots for free – try Fishing Frenzy slot too.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that they can play casino on your mobile. You can use casino bonuses to play free mobile slots! And that is an exciting prospect. Read on for our guide on how.

What are casino bonuses?

Online casino is a big business, which means that there are constantly battles between casinos as they try to bring in new customers. One of the most popular ways for them to do this is by offering bonuses to new customers in a bid to get them to sign up.

 Here’s a short guide on how to sign up for an online casino bonus with a site that offers one:

  1. Head to their homepage and press Join or Sign Up.
  2. Fill out a few details and confirm your email address. You may also have to confirm your identity by uploading documentation.
  3. If the bonus is a no deposit offer, it’s all yours! If a deposit is required, choose a payment method and put down the required amount. You may also need to input a bonus code at this stage in the process. It’s also really important that terms and conditions will apply, such as time limits and wagering requirements which you will need to play through before you can withdraw your cash.

Casino bonuses aren’t just for new players though. They can be given out to existing and loyal customers in a bid to keep those customers on the site, and not wandering off to enjoy casino bonuses elsewhere. So, take a look out for these too.

Playing mobile slots

Nowadays, more people play slot games on their mobile phones than they do on a desktop computer. If you told someone this ten years ago, they would have laughed at you, but now it is reality!

With the growing quality of mobile phones, faster mobile data and more readily available WiFi, there is no reason for players to not take their slots on the go. In fact, mobile slots now make desktop slots look dated!

 Most online slot games these days are developed using HTML5 technology which means they are fully optimised to be used on any device, provided that it has the power to process the game.

Using casino bonuses to play mobile slots for free

Most casinos will support mobile slot games, and most will also support mobile deposit methods. That being said, you can still use most regular deposit methods on a mobile phone. This means that any welcome bonus available for desktop users will more than likely be available for mobile users too,

Make sure to take a look at the terms and conditions of the offer to make sure that there are no exclusions to the payment methods you are allowed to use. If it all checks out, then enjoy the offer and good luck on winning some cash!

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