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French Company FasTeesH launched Y-Brush

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French Company FasTeesH introduced a new electronic Y-Brush in the market. Delivery is on since January and its pre-order were placed from July 2018. To protect the gums, Y-Brush has a nylon fiber with flexible shield.

Y-Brush is easy to use. Just apply toothpaste on its fibers and place it up or down on teeth and run for five minutes. There are three vibrations of the Y-brush. It has a standby charge for battery charging. Charge the battery once and it can last a whole month. The company owner says change the head brush every six months which is worth of 30 dollar.

FasTeesH launched Y-Brush Model in two sizes. One small size is for the kids under age of 14 and a medium size for the adults. This Brush gives a storage kit to keep handle, toothpaste applicator, USB charger and two brushes and it costs 125 dollar.


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