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Gambling Business: How Was the Industry Born?

by John Milton
Gambling Business

The fact that gambling games have existed since ancient times is evidenced by written historical sources: in Sanskrit scriptures, which are already 5 thousand years old, cases of gambling on the property and even body parts are described. The entertainment sphere has been transformed at every stage of civilization development: any discovery immediately became popular. In this small review, we will tell you about the emergence of popular gambling games and the industry as a whole.

The First Mentions

Gambling was an integral part of the Persian cities (the territory of modern Iran). This is repeatedly mentioned in historical writings by the scientist and healer, the forefather of medicine, Avicenna who lived a thousand years ago. Gambling entertainment is also mentioned in the Sunnah – a sacred book for Muslims, containing a description of the life of the Prophet Muhammad. According to official information, the Islamic prophet lived in the middle of the first millennium, that is, 1.5 thousand years ago. Today, you can get the experience of real players on https://clashofslots.com/nz/.

But it turns out that this is not the oldest historical trace. In the Vedic scriptures that date back to 1700-1100 BC and are considered one of the most ancient of all known written sources, a lot of attention is paid to gambling games. In particular, in the Rig Veda, one of the four Vedic texts, one can find the poem “Lament of the Gambler”. Initially, according to historians, it was a request to higher powers for victory in the dice. It is described that akșa (dice) were made of walnut and had four sides. Vedic gurus do not consider the game as a sin if it is a way to relieve stress, have fun, but without addiction. However, players should risk the amount that they are ready to lose without harming themselves and their families.

Thus, going around the whole planet in any direction, you can find something very similar to the currently popular types of gambling. Researchers can probably argue about the cradle of gambling. It turns out that for every game it can be different.

How Was the List of Gambling Games Formed?

The first gambling house appeared in Italy (Venice) in the first half of the 17th century: players found their shelter in the Church of St. Moses. In this way, the government tried to localize the excitement of the players during the carnival periods. Most of the games that differ in genre and specifics have survived to this day.

1)    Slots

In 1891, a five-reel machine from Sittman&Pitt was presented in New York. In English, “slot” means a gap for the coin, which served as the payment acceptor. At the beginning of the 20th century, fruit machines appeared. You could get sweets, chewing gum, and drinks as a gift. The technology was later used for vending machines, and the principle of fruit slots has survived to this day.

2)    Blackjack

Although gambling games have a long history, blackjack is quite a young game. Its first version appeared about 300 years ago in France under the name Vingt et Un, that is, 21. With this name, the game moved overseas where it became popular as blackjack. Until the 90s of the 20th century, it was a card game in gambling houses, but then it became an integral part of the online casino.

3)    Poker

Europe is considered the birthplace of poker. Historical records describe the game as a popular activity of the 16th century in France, Germany, and England. There is no clear opinion about the origin of the name. Like many other entertainments, poker came to North America and returned to Europe in a modified form. The first poker tournament took place in 1968 in the United States, and two years later, the world championship was held. Today, online poker attracts players with the fact that you can compete with any opponent from anywhere in the world.

4)    Roulette

At the end of the 19th century, along with French emigrants, roulette came to the United States and quickly became popular. However, the Viking Erickson originally borrowed something similar a thousand years ago during his expedition to the shores of Labrador and Greenland. Over time, the rules changed, and three types of roulette were formed: American, European, and French. Classic European roulette is the most popular choice.

What will be the next step in gambling evolution? Share your ideas with us in the comments.

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