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How often should the landlord service the gas boiler?

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Most homes rely on a central heating boiler and hot water. The basic principle of the boiler is the same for most types. Fuel enters the combustion chamber and then ignites. The energy is transferred to a heat exchanger, which then pumps hot water into radiators in different rooms or, if necessary, sends it to water outlets – gas boiler service

With these systems you can enjoy a warm shower in the morning and wear even the coldest winter days. However, boilers are subject to heavy wear due to their constant use all year round, especially in the cold months, so it is important to annual gas boiler service London every year to keep it in good condition.

That is why you should service your boiler every year.

Keep you and your family safe

Regular service of the gas boiler not only keeps it in excellent condition, but also ensures safe operation. A faulty gas leak boiler is incredibly dangerous. An unattended leak can cause a fire in the house or even lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Having a qualified gas safety technician serves the boiler every year, which also means that you can be sure that the boiler is safe and that there is no gas or carbon monoxide leak. In order to burn gas safely, it must be mixed with the correct amount of oxygen.

For the natural gas entering our homes, we need one-part gas for two parts oxygen for safe combustion. In normal combustion, the harmless exhaust gases, carbon dioxide and water vapor are removed from the house by the boiler chimney. However, if dust, dirt or soot builds up in the boiler, feeding an insufficient amount of gas or oxygen can lead to incomplete combustion and the formation of highly toxic gaseous carbon monoxide, which is also highly explosive in combination with gas fuel. Regular maintenance ensures that the gas and oxygen supply is maintained and that all dust, dirt or soot in the system is removed.

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Lowers your energy bill

If you use an inefficient gas boiler, you will likely spend more on utility bills. This may not be noticeable at first, but additional changes may occur in the long run. Not only will the boiler leave you in bad condition with warm radiators or without hot tap water. Annual boiler service ensures that your machine works efficiently. This, in turn, saves you money on utility bills, since a more efficient boiler is cheaper. While there are some tasks you can do yourself to increase the efficiency of your boiler, for example cleaning the outer jacket and increasing the pressure, others are best left to the professional.

These include pumping radiators to clean cold places, and flushing the system to remove any sludge and dirt deposits. A certified gas safety specialist will perform many inspections of your boiler to ensure efficient operation. Solving minor issues before they grow into much bigger ones can save you money on future expensive repairs, rather than buying a spare water heater.

Keep your boiler warranty valid

New boilers come with a manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. That means that the manufacturer will repair the boiler for free if there is a real error. The warranty period usually ranges from 2 to 10 years, depending on which manufacturer you buy from.

One thing to note is that all manufacturers have strict conditions for the warranty to apply. Conditions vary by manufacturer, but for all you must maintain the boiler annually to meet requirements. Once the warranty has expired, it is still advisable to have the boiler serviced every year to ensure it works as efficiently as possible. A boiler that does not work fully will certainly cost you money on your fuel bill.

We strongly recommend an annual boiler maintenance for every home, to keep your boiler in top condition. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your boiler is safe and efficient is always worth the price of a service. If your boiler needs to be serviced annually, it is important to plan ahead. Summer is often the best time to book a service. If there is a problem, don’t stay out in the cold while it is fixed. Maintain your boiler to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible before winter rolls around.

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