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Getting the Psychology of Social Media

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Psychology of Social Media

The technological designers are working to analyse the mind of a user to stipulate and develop a habit to seek ease for working. They learn our behaviour and design the interface naturally and effortlessly so that our subconscious habit can develop for its usage.

With respect, without noticing how the kind of gadget and application make us take some actions. Like when you hear the notification bell, you decide to open the application containing the application. 

The red colour buttons make us open them urgently, and every new post boosts excitement in us. This makes us feel the expectation that we can see the funny, entertaining and things full of excitements with every scroll. This process is called Operant Conditioning.

Operant Conditioning and its affects

Operant conditioning is a kind of learning process that works based on reward and furnished. We tend to check on the things that fill us with dopamine so that we can feel positivity. When we do not get any positive sign, we predict that maybe we get something interesting.

This behaviour starts with seeing your phone and ends with getting the reward. This cycle remains in motion as far as we do not understand that we waste our time and spend 10 and 20 minutes watching random useless things. 

The negative aspect of this process is where we use other gadgets like microwave, tools like car, and refrigerator. After using them, we get separate from them. The designer keeps remembering a thing about them that the users will use for a short period and then close them.

If you use an electronic device for a long period, it gets deteriorated. This is the reason why these devices are not addictive. Especially in the case of social media and phones, every icon, button and sound effect is made to hack the psychology so that most of your time will consume in these platforms.

Social Media wastes our time and finally us

Social media platforms snatch our freedom and make us addictive. When you get the behaviour of an organism, you can make the algorithms that can change their behaviour. This change falls an impact on our personality. 

If you see your Instagram and Facebook feeds, you see the faces that are beautiful and happy with their life. Even when you upload a picture, you choose the best angle and advertise it on social media sites. You consciously decide how you wish to have seen in the eyes of others. 

When you take snaps, you think about how you would remember those memories. And imagine your present by making it memorable for the future. In this way, you live in two realities simultaneously and create your two identities, one that you are in real and the other you advertise. 

American sociologist Charles Cooley had named this phenomenon; looking glass Self-theory, and he told that how we perceive ourselves. It means that we say to ourselves that we are not one who we are in reality or those others understand us. The thing is, we make ourselves to think as per the opinion of others.

You pretend yourself according to the perception made for you by others.  In most houses, parents and their kids spend a lot of time on social sites and are losing their depths. Whomsoever you are talking to, real or virtual, you feel a disconnect from them. 

We feel lonely while connected with the people. However, some psychological studies show that social media does not affect all but those who are already hollow from the inside. The people who are having less sense or weak identity and they have no long term goals. 

In the absence of a strong meaning in life, social media is dangerous for them, and these applications give the illusion to fill this spare time. 

Even if you reduce the time engagement with your phone, you will also feel no difference in time and improve your feelings. 


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To solve the deal with the wrong psychological effects is to fill this spare time and keep on filling it with certain emotions. There are two types of maintaining this:

  • If the quality of life is worthless due to certain internal and external reasons, you need to set a mission in your life. Then categorise them into small daily goals that you can achieve easily. 
  • As you reach your ultimate goal, this journey remains enough to fulfil without any social validation based on your likes of others while based on your achievements.  
  • To increase our sense of self by avoiding societies, agendas, and other things and making a distance from them. You can get the chances of financial help as in the form of personal loans in Ireland for bad credit.



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