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Here’s How You Can Choose the Best Aftermarket Wheels of 2022!

by John Milton
Here’s How You Can Choose the Best Aftermarket Wheels of 2022!

There is a reason aftermarket or custom wheels keep changing ranks every year. If a certain model from a major manufacturer (say XD Wheels) was popular in 2021, that same item might or might not be as popular in 2022 as newer models have been launched by that and several other companies.

This is one of the fundamental problems with aftermarket wheels. There is no single model that has it all! You will never find a couple of experts on such wheels coming to a consensus on which the best model is at a certain time each year despite the abundance of options. Those who love custom wheels are very finicky and they will always go for newer and fresh launches.

There are several lists of ‘best aftermarket wheels of 2022’ on the Internet. These studies or surveys are often biased in favor of a specific brand or company as they are basically advertisements.

You need to have enough information and know-how about how to buy such wheels so that you can take an informed decision. Here are some points to help you do just that!

Buying guides for aftermarket wheels in 2022

When you keep these simple but effective points in mind, you will have no trouble selecting the best custom rims available at a retailer near you or online- whichever suits your fancy.

  • Brands matter: Never mind what many new-fangled experts spout out every few months about how you must be brand-agnostic. Brands do matter for a variety of reasons. Branded custom rims will have better quality assurance than the plethora of unbranded options which you find filling stores across the country.

All big brands like XD Wheels have a commitment to their clients which they take very seriously. Plus, a brand means that they have taken several years to reach a certain point, meaning that they have earned their place. That is something you simply cannot discount!

  • Choose off-roading wheels only if you need them: If you are someone who drives for recreation and owns a big vehicle with enough engine displacement capacity to excel on the worst of roads, go for off-roading capable wheels by all means. Fuel and a clutch of brands make great models you will love!

XD Wheels also has several models for off-roading. However, if you are somebody who just wants to give their vehicles a look-makeover, it is always advisable to ignore the off-roaders and select ordinary aftermarket wheels. This is a point you must never gloss over.

Some people mistakenly believe that major companies only make off-road wheels! That is simply not true as you surely know.

Sometimes, the thumb rule is that if the vehicle has a running board, it will surely accept off-roaders. It simply implies that a big vehicle is being talked about, but there’s no such rule except if you choose to believe in them!

  • Materials matter: Are you looking for alloys or steel wheels? The odds are high that you are looking for alloy aftermarket wheels. If that is the case, ensure that the model is manufactured with high-quality aluminum. For the last few years, 6160 T6-grade aluminum has been the go-to material.

This is also the benchmark you should reach out for in 2022. This is a specific grade of aluminum, a superior grade. It is vital that you purchase wheels that are made from such high-grade materials or else your entire investment will be for nothing.

Else, you always have the option for Mags Wheels. They have always been around, and yet their popularity has never flagged. These are made from magnesium and a few other added alloys and are extremely charismatic. You can choose them without any hesitation if you would like a retro look!

  • Pick the style flavors of the season: This pointer has been placed near the end of the list because it is the most dynamic and ever-changing option. Style is subjective- it cannot be straitjacketed. What defines a stylish and edgy set of aftermarket wheels for you might not appeal to another customer.

Custom wheels are like seasonal flowers; their appeal changes every year, sometimes multiple times per year. The classic choices are usually the black, chrome and metallic tones. But there are so many more options to choose from!

If you are driving a new Mustang or a muscle car that purrs like a Big Cat, go for the kill! Pick up brighter shades and experiment as much as you can bear. This is one of the reasons why people buy aftermarket wheels after all: they provide that edge in the style and aesthetics division that is often missing in OEM rims.

Once you have selected a set of wheels from the best brands like XD Wheels, MKW, Fuel or Motegi, just ensure that the size is compatible with your vehicle.

And you are good to go.


Budget is often a stumbling block when it comes to buying high-quality aftermarket wheels. Seek out some retailers which offer ‘lease-to-own’ options or other financing routes.

That is all. Drive safe and enjoy these wheels!

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