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Here’s Why Online Eye Tests can’t Substitute the Usual Ophthalmologist!

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Here’s Why Online Eye Tests can’t Substitute the Usual Ophthalmologist!

Here’s Why Online Eye Tests can’t Substitute the Usual Ophthalmologist!

In today’s fast paced world, getting eyeglass prescription and purchasing glasses without actually visiting the doctor sounds too tempting. But, is it really a good idea? So before you bid farewell to the eye doctor, here’re important details you should know about online eye exams.

Online ocular tests

It’s important to understand that online eye tests or exams are unable to evaluate overall health of the eyes. Putting it correctly, it’s a vision test which measures the refractive error and visual acuity whereas advanced-grade vision exams also include colour blindness and contrast sensitivity.

Such measurements lack the ability to tell underlying eye anomaly and overall health which can be a serious problem if someone has cataracts, macular degeneration or glaucoma. If for some reason you’ve chosen an online vision test, don’t just skip the routine check-up with the usual ophthalmologist in Dubai.

Can be valuable

A primary benefit of online vision tests can definitely give accurate readouts for a valid eyeglass prescription. So that you can least replace those dim specs. It’s useful if you happen to break or lose the eyewear in a rush or perhaps unable to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor for some reason. In other cases, an online vision test can help you monitor the refractive error and eyesight between the routine examinations. However, results may be validated through limited studies, processed through obsolete technology. Click here, if you are looking for alternative ways to aid your vision.

Drawbacks of online eye exams

In case you’re planning to substitute a detailed eye exam scheduled by the doctor. So there’re number of risks involved in doing so. Such as;

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  • Absence of expert eye care professional who can carefully examine health of the eyes. Since online tests are unable to tell if someone’s having cataract, glaucoma or diabetic eye disease. It may raise problems during treatment thus risking in vision loss and even blindness in worst case scenario.
  • For perfect eyes and healthy vision, there’s a risk of getting incorrect prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Even if the results are reviewed by an eye care provider, there isn’t any professional to actually conduct the vision test.
  • If you fail in taking the online vision tests properly, chances are high that you’ll be seeing unclearly while driving or, you may experience headaches and eyestrain while wearing new contact and glasses.


Not at all free & pocket friendly

You may be under the impression that online eye test will save you time and money. And when compared with cost of comprehensive eye exam performed by an ophthalmologist in Dubai. Remember that you’re only receiving a fragment of services provided by the actual doctor during detailed exam.

Cost of online eye tests and exams aren’t covered by the health or vision insurance so if you’ve benefit plans. The co-pay cost for a detailed exam would be much lesser than online. In case you’re employed, ask the employer about the type of coverage as many people are unaware of the insurance benefits to claim them in full.


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