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Highly Effective Study Habits to become a top scorer in 10 Board exams.

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The NCERT solution has all chapters presented in a systematic manner highlighting all the important points. The questions and answers are as per the exercises in the textbook and they are easy to understand. Referring to the NCERT solutions and preparing correctly will help students gain confidence and score high marks in class X. For your vocabulary and the English language you can refer to FootPrints Without Feet class 10 pdf can be downloaded and read the chapters to help to improve the reading skills. This can lead to you to be a top scorer in 10 board exams. 


Effective tips for study Habits to become a top scorer in Class 10 Board 


Students struggle with many issues in life. Sometimes due to several activities and hobbies, it becomes hard to concentrate and stay focused on studies. It is very important to study in an effective way to get a high score in class 10. This is a turning point for the students in their careers. Students sometimes think that being glued to a book and studying for a longer duration is going to help them in getting better grades but it’s not how things work. Studying without any logic and focus for long hours is of no use. Rather, you can effectively study just a few hours with full concentration and can grasp more.


Focusing on studies


Don’t just take your studies as a mandatory requirement but try to enjoy it. While you study, make it interesting as you are learning something new. It is very important to have complete focus and concentration on the studies but some days you might not have that frame of mind to concentrate. On such days you can avoid studying and do things that interest you. You can sit for your studies the next day.


Study Plan for the exam


Preparing for the board exam is not difficult if you have a productive study plan. Without proper planning, you will be wasting time and energy. Take a note of all subjects and the chapters. Make sure you start the board preparation from day one. This will make your studies easy without any pressure. While making the plan you can also give a day off for yourself as this will help you become fresh and more focused the next day. You can just have a review of what you have done previously on your off day.


Study Area.


It is very important to have a designated study area or a study room. Make it a habit to do your studies in the study area only. Keep your study area neat and clean and well organized with all the study material required. 


Avoid Screentime


Keep the mobile and the laptop away from your reach. This will divert your attention and you will lose your concentration. Make sure to switch off the television if your study area is the same where the television is kept, if not make sure the volume of the television is not disturbing.


Method of studying the subject.


English and Hindi– The languages need to have the practice of reading and writing both. While reading the chapters make a habit of reading aloud. This will help with more concentration and also grasp the words and the sentences quickly. Understand the chapter’s summary and Practise on the exercises after reading the chapters. Try to frame your sentences. Concentrate on grammatical parts in both English and Hindi. The more you are perfect in grammar the more your answers will be better. You can refer to NCERT solutions to practice the grammar section.


Mathematics– Mathematics is a subject that needs more and more practice. Make sure to work out the problems and the exercises every day. Even a little practice every day will make a difference.




Physics-While studying physics understand the concept and learn. Work out all the problems in the textbook and also the examples. This will help you get prepared for any type of questions from the chapters.


Chemistry- This subject has the involvement of chemical names, formulas, and equations. It is not logical to be perfect in a few days. So from day one start learning a few things which you can keep in mind. This will make you learn perfectly and easily.


Biology-Reading the chapter and understanding each word and sentence is very important. One should be well prepared with the chapters as the questions can be asked anywhere from the chapters in the exam. It’s important to be thorough with chapter concepts from day one. Practice the diagrams thoroughly with the proper names of the parts.


Preparing Notes-Preparing notes of every subject and the chapter you read is very important. Make notes preparation which would be easy to understand and helpful when you revise and also make a habit of noting the important points when your teacher teaches in the class.


Solving Sample papers– Once You have completed the syllabus and you are confident, utilize the time to solve the sample question papers. This will add up to your preparation making you more positive for the exam.


Proper sleep and rest


It is very important to keep your body and mind fresh and healthy. For that, you need to have proper sleep and rest. Avoid late-night studies and also studying for long hours.


Eating Proper and Healthy food.


Eating on time and also eating healthy is very important. Avoid junk foods that might spoil your health and spoil your study schedule. When there is a break in the schedule and to get back to the same frame needs time. This way you will be wasting precious time. So stay healthy and eat healthily.


Taking a break


Always take a small break when you feel that it’s getting too much for you. This way, when you come back after a break your mind will be ready for a fresh start.


Following these tips regularly and systematically will surely be a top scorer in the class 10 board exam.


Tips to make your study focussed

  1. Being a top scorer is a motivation within you. Keep motivation positive and analyze your weak points and strong points in the subjects- What you learn faster or the weaker sections where you have to give more time and effort. Once you analyze these, it will be easier for you.
  2. Everyone is special and unique in their way. Remember nothing is impossible if the approach and thinking are positive and you work hard towards your goal. Do not compare yourself with others and get demotivated.
  3. If you have any difficulty in any subject, think of ways to improve and give more time to that subject.
  4. Make sure to give equal importance to all the subjects as the score of every subject is important for an overall percentage.



A proper study plan and a designated study area are very important. Also, make sure that you have proper sleep and rest. Avoid junk food and eat healthily. Avoid long hours of studies and learn to take a break in between. Study with proper understanding and focus.

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