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10 Crucial Factors to Consider You Setup Home Awnings

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Home Awnings

10 crucial factors to consider you setup home awnings. Awnings or Canopy are often overlooked for outdoor homes but they can be of great importance all year round. It gives a new look to your home outdoors as well as offers you the shade in all types of weather be it raining or a hot sunny day. Also, it keeps you protected from harsh UV rays while enjoying the nature outside and taking a sunbath.

Not just for homes, you must observe them outside restaurants, coffee shops, etc. They usually do this for keeping their guests happy in all types of weather. You are reading here, probably, because you are looking for a good awning for your home. Here you may go with the factors that you must consider before reaching any conclusion.

Check the Material

Awning or canopy material could be of a different variety. Each of these varieties demands different attention for maintenance. What people usually prefer are outdoor fabric and aluminum. Outdoor fabrics carry a wide range of colors but ask you for frequent maintenance over aluminum. Aluminum is durable but comes with limited choices in design and color range.

Set the Right Angle

The angle is generally taken for granted but it’s not good. No matter if you are using it for windows or doors, setting the right angle is crucial. If your window or door is facing towards east or west, the size of the drop should be between somewhere 65 to 75%. Similarly, for South facing windows, a lower drop of 40 to 45% is ok.

Removable or Stationary?

You have to make a choice among removable or stationary awnings. If you are very much concerned about the damage of fabric or fading of the color, you should do for removable awnings. So, that you can remove it when it is not of use to say in the winter season.

If you want to cover a limited area with the canopy or the area which is needed 24X7 protection, the best option is stationary awnings. This saves the time and effort of frequently attaching and removing it.

Additional Accessories

Have you ever thought of how awnings are installed? Well, it needs some extra accessories. However, it may raise the price of the awning a bit high but there will be no compromise with the ease and quality. For example, you should consider the side panel which can affect the complete architectural design of the canopy.


Of course, you want it to match and grace the style and architecture of your home. There are many styles from which you can pick the one that you suit your home the best. The most common popular styles of awnings are dome style, waterfall, gable walkway, and closed or open sides.


Think about the best and eye-catching combination of colors that can brighten up the look of your house. You may consult a professional designer if you are not creative enough. Experts have suggested keeping the color light for sunlight reflection.

Who are you buying From

To this extent, investment, you will want to check out your nearby dealers for your awnings. No matter how great a product is, the dealer choice is essentially as important as other dealer selection. You can also check the dealer reviews before buying anything from their store.

An Awning That You Can Install Yourself:

You can buy the best quality custom made retractable awning or canopy that you can install by yourself. These DIY awnings with high-quality shading resolutions erected right here in America. The retractable awnings install on your wall, underside of a soffit, roof, and any other surface. It needs a certain mounting height for hanging. If you have a small patio garden or wanted to install the awning in the open area of the house, it will increase your outdoor living standard and enjoyment as well. They are reducing indoor cooling expenses, and also, it helps to protect you and your furniture from the harmful UV rays, which are coming from the sun.



Talk about the Warranty – Is It Prorated or a Comprehensive Warranty?

Whatever canopy you put in your garden or on the porch of the house, it should be of good quality as the awnings made of better quality lasts longer. And speaking of Warranty, they make the right quality awning using your selected colors, fabrics, and material options. Each segment of the awning product has its manufacturing company warranty.


How To Operate the Awnings:


There are two types of awning available in the market. In which automatic and manual, initially, the price of an automatic awning is higher than that of the manual, because hand crank operation is usually included in the unit price. This is the essential function of retractable awnings, and you can move it in and out. A retractable awning is a value-for-money product that has an awning cassette that rolls it, and you can turn it inside when not in use. You can protect it from the weather as well. The Portrait kinds work similarly to roller shades with spring pressure. Aluminum cassettes roll pushed up by arms-on shutter ledges.


Types of Awnings

Freestanding – Portable
Wall-Mounted – Fixed Awning

Retractable Awning
RV Awnings

Deck awnings

Window awnings

Applications of Awnings

Right now, I am talking about window awning, its first primary use to prevent sunlight from entering directly into the window so that the air conditioner does its job well. It can also help you save energy. Instead of extending your home roof, you can install the more extended awnings.

Outdoor awnings are used to cover outdoor locations such as your house porch, backyard patio, and outdoor recreation place from sunlight and rain. This outdoor awnings work is similar to the steel garages, steel carports, and other steel buildings in your backyard area. But the garage not only protects your vehicle from the top surface, but also prevents front, back, and any burglary activities.


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