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Home Design Trends of 2022

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Home Design Trends of 2021

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the popularity of interior home design has soared. The pandemic has impacted many industries, and home design is no exception. The lengthy period of time the world has spent locked down in our homes (even longer for those who were instructed to self-isolate) has forced homeowners to take a closer look at their properties and see areas that need changing and improving. Homeowners have begun reimagining spaces that can meet the demands of their new lifestyle, whether that’s incorporating a home office to accommodate the work from home scheme, updating a living room that’s appropriate for zoom calls, or simply refreshing your home with a fresh lick of paint and better organisation.

The concept of home design trends is constantly evolving. Each decade provides something drastically different, from Art Deco in the 20s, to the 80s in which maximalism and unexpected shaped furniture and colour schemes were in fashion. During recent years, homes have been inspired by mid-century styles, and have replicated old trends with a modern twist. Home interior design is a great way to add value to your property, as prospective buyers can be sold by a well-decorated interior that is modern and up to date- as it demonstrates that the property is well maintained. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast”, then maybe updating your home interior design is what’s needed. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top home design trends of 2022.

Indoor Plants:

As we’ve spent so much time being deprived of the outside world, the outside is making its way indoors through the form of indoor plants. Indoor plants are continuing their ascent as a mainstay staple for home design, as they bring in the clarity and calm of the outdoors, act like a decorative or sculpture feature, and improve air quality.

Natural Materials:

Incorporating natural materials in the home has become a big win. Bamboo chairs, cane rounded rattan and seagrasses are becoming increasingly popular materials to incorporate into home design. Natural materials are great to add in a sustainable home, as they can be sustainably sourced as used pretty much for any type of furniture.


Believe it or not, the pandemic has got us all riled up about our bathroom habits ever since toilet paper anarchy before the world went into lockdown. More and more homes and including a bidet feature in their bathroom, as a way to not only add value to the room, but as a stylish and hygienic feature.

Sculptural Furniture:

We have the Kardashians to thank for this one. Specially curated pieces of furniture and displays have become center stage in neutral theme homes. Sculptural pieces can be a beautiful addition to a minimalist home and draw the eye to a center piece. Minimalist homes with quirky, staple-piece sculptural furniture became a huge hit after Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West showcased their home- which inspired people across the globe to copy their minimalist home theme with sculptural furniture.

Rustic Vogue:

A modern home with character is the perfect balance between comfort and interest. This approach is a favourite with homeowners who own a new build- as they want to inject some character into their property and add some interesting features. This idea works best for people who already have rustic features in their home, such as exposed beams, paneled walls or original floorboards. However, it can be easily recreated by compiling looks that have plenty of grain and texture rather than items that are polished and perfectly finished.


A stylish addition to your home, marbling, or to be more precise, wallpaper made with the Japanese Suminagashi technique is a great addition to any home and is a sought-after design feature of 2022. The process involves special sumi ink on the surface of water. Following this, the ink is then manipulated by sumi brushes, which are similar to Japanese calligraphy brushes. Doing this results in a gorgeous marble effect, perfect to incorporate into your home design.

Pops of Colour:

As the minimalist theme is very popular, a way to not get fed up of looking at a palette of neutral colour scheme is to add pops of colour throughout the home. For example, a neutral bedroom with colourful cushions is a great addition and can make any room seem lively.

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