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How Can I Hide My Identity On The Internet

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How Can I Hide My Identity On The Internet

Hiding identity becomes important for people to protect browsing data. People simply want privacy in their online activities. So, they mostly search for the easiest ways which they can use to hide their identity on the internet.

Reasons to hide the online activity?

There are many reasons why you should hide online activity. By hiding or removing a personal identity from the internet, helps to protect your browsing information. Your online data gets private while you visit any website. If you search for any website, then this data becomes private. When your online activity is secure, it means no one can access your device, and you are relieved from misuse.

If you take protection to hide the online identity., then it can secure your online transaction information also.

Top 5 and easy ways to hide identity on the internet

How Can I Hide My Identity On The Internet
  1. Use VPN
  2. Remove spyware
  3. Use Duckduck go search engine
  4. Browse in private mode
  5. Do not give your information while payment from internet

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is the most popular and easiest way to become anonymous on the internet. Using of VPN means hide the IP address during the running of any activity on the internet. If you want to buy VPN then, KeepSolid And Surshark are the best virtual private network.

You can also receive the chance to get up to 70% savings on applying of KeepSolid VPN Promo Code. This VPN does not lack security features. With the help of this software, information which you search and activities done on the internet remains private.

Remove Spyware

Spyware is a type of virus that suddenly enters into the device while downloading files through the internet. It may be entered when you click on some link given in the middle of content which you searched on the internet.

This spyware software monitors all the activity which you have done on the internet. And this will helps the hackers to steal your data and information which you stored on your device. To the avoidance of this, you should install antivirus security to get rid of this issue.

Use Duckduckgo search engine

Today’s most popular search engines are Google and Yahoo but they are not reliable to give privacy. They do not provide full security to your information which you search on the internet.

But, if you use the Duckduckgo search engine then, your data gets protected. This search engine does not collect or store the information which you search on the internet. Duckduckgo search engine makes privacy to your browsing activities.

Browse in private mode

Most of the users know this trick to hide the identity of work on the internet but don’t apply. It is also the safest and easiest way to keep the security of online activities.

If you are searching on a normal browser then you should not leave the cookies. And these cookies stored all the online data into the device. But if you make setting and search on private mode then, all the information of website and data remains private.

If you use torrenting platforms to download free content, software, or games, then you should be using the private mode at all times. This will help you stay safe from a lot of problems. To know more about platforms and websites that are credible and help you download content, please visit proxybay.github.io

Do not give your information while online payment

Method of online payment has become common for all people. What do you think that when you do an online payment, is your information keeps private? But if you use other tricks for online payment on the internet then, your information becomes private on the internet.

Try a gift card or apply for the coupon card instead of doing payment by sharing of number. The use of a mobile payment app is better than the use of a real account number.

Best 2 ways to become fully anonymous on the internet?

How Can I Hide My Identity On The Internet

We have provided a list of the top 5 ways by which you can hide your identity while browsing. But we have picked out best 2 trick which is easy as well as fully secure. These 2 methods use by millions of people and they are satisfied too.

1. The first and easiest way to become fully anonymous on the internet is the use of a VPN. Virtual private network hides the IP address which helps to secure your browsing information. It is the best way to keep privacy on your online work that you search on the internet. We have discussed the 2 best VPNs which are mostly preferred by the user. And if you want to get an unlimited discount then, try for KeepSolid VPN Coupon Code. It means get privacy within your budget. Install VPN and connects with any country to get access to restricted websites. A virtual private network makes your online activity private.

2. And the second method which protects your online identity is removing spyware from the device. Spyware works as a CCTV camera for hackers. If any spyware enters your device then with the help of this spyware, a hacker can easily access your device. And they can watch activities done by you on the internet. So, you can easily remove it with the help of installing any antivirus.

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