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How Can Refund Norton Cancellation Amount – A Complete Overview

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How Can Refund Norton cancellation Amount – A complete overview

Norton is a powerful antivirus with a snit-malware engine, a wide range of internet security tools, an intuitive online dashboard, and excellent customer service. Norton anti-malware engine uses machine learning; constituent updated malware to identify malware and advanced heuristics cancel norton can be done by the simple methods that are mentioned below. Read further to know more about it.

Subscription – overview:

When your purchase is completed, then your subscription will begin. The only thing you have to do is you need to download and install on each device or complete enrollment to get protection. You can renew automatically after the first term by subscribing and purchasing a recurring subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at the official website of Norton or by contacting the member of service or customer care. The things included in the subscription are product, service, and protection updates and features that can be added, modified, or removed subject to the acceptance of the License and Services Agreement.

To eligible, you should have the qualifying Norton subscription that is automatically renewing. If the Norton antivirus cannot remove the antivirus from the device you use, you can refund based on the actual price paid for the current term of your qualifying subscription. You can have Norton Safe Cam features, and these are only available on Windows.

You can install Norton Family and Norton Parental Control and used them on a child’s Windows PC, iOS, and Android devices. norton liveupdate failed to complete With the help of this, you can monitor and manage their child’s activities from any device through our mobile apps or by signing up into their account on the official website by selecting Parental Control via any browser.

Cancellation of subscription:

  • The first step to cancel your Norton antivirus cancellation refund is to sign up for your account by visiting my subscription tab or contacting the Norton customer service.
  • Next, you should cancel before your renewal billing date, and if you are still renewed, you can contact us for further help.
  • After the cancellation of the subscription, you will not automatically renew. But, your protection will continue for the remaining day that you have paid already.
  • If you are the one who purchased a Norton subscription bundle, then you can cancel one f them or the entire package of subscription at any time.
  • If you cancel only one portion of the bundle, other existing subscriptions may remain, and your applicable annual or monthly renewal price will be affected.
  • If you cancel the entire package that makes a bundle, then your protection will continue for the remaining days in the existing days that you paid.
  • You can also make eligible for a refund following the refund policy.

Refund for annual and monthly subscriptions: 

Annual subscription: 

You can apply under our 60 days money-back guarantee after the purchase of the annual subscription and is eligible for a refund. It is available if you requested within 60-days of the date of purchase.

Each of the annual renewals is eligible for a refund if you request within 60-days of being charged. But the refund is limited to the fees that you have paid.

Monthly subscriptions

You should make a refund for the purchase of a monthly subscription within 14-days of the date of purchase if requested. If you cancel the process, then the subscription will not automatically renew next month. But the protection and the security will continue for the remaining of the days that you have paid.

Benefits of Norton antivirus:

  • It is one of the best antiviruses because it has leading protection and performance.
  • Norton antivirus is powered by one of the world’s largest threat monitoring networks.
  • The antivirus provides outstanding protection against viruses, scams, phishing attempts, zero-day exploits, and so on.
  • You can manage your entire password by using the password manager.
  • You can save and backup all your essential files and documents by using the 2GB cloud backup.
  • You can protect your personal files and financial information by using intelligent firewall blocks.
  • There is no in-product advertising pestering available to switch to a paid security solution.
  • You will have automatic updates like silent that will ensure you have the latest protection.

You can make a Norton antivirus cancellation refund by following all the steps given above, and this will help you get your cancellation amount.


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