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How Diamonds Can Be Added to Traditional Jewels?

by John Milton
How Diamonds Can Be Added to Traditional Jewels?

Whether you’re choosing earth-mined or lab-grown diamonds, they have a way with jewelry and can be used to curate timeless pieces.

Some people may be of the view that traditional jewels cannot be infused with timeless pieces.

And these were some of the classics that maintain their Avant Garde vibe even to date. Some traditional jewels like bold necklaces or statement earrings made out of pure gold can still become a must-have for your jewelry box.

This article will discuss how you can infuse diamonds into traditional jewels.

Attaching Diamonds on Traditional Jewels

There are different ways to improve the looks of traditional jewelry and customize it according to your taste and preferences. Traditional jewelry pieces often go through this transformation, for example:

  • Old or outdated gemstones are replaced with the new ones
  • Plain metal jewelry gets decorated with tiny gemstones, etc.

It’s needless to mention that diamond holds the top spot among the most sought-after gemstones that people want to decorate their jewelry with. So, if you’re one of those people wanting to enrich your old jewelry’s looks, this post is for you.

Below we have discussed how you can add diamonds to different traditional jewels. 

Add a Diamond to the Classic Gold Studs

The right gemstone can change the outlook of the gold stud, making it more attractive and valuable. So, consider adding a diamond to the classic gold studs you inherited from your parents, aunt, grandparents, etc.

Otherwise, finding classic gold studs won’t be a problem if you haven’t one because they’re classic and timeless. Most jewelry stores have those classic gold studs on their shelves. Now comes an interesting part.

Since you already have the metal, it’s time to decide about the right setting. You can choose from different settings, such as prong settings, bezel settings, halo settings, and dangle settings.

The next step is to choose the earring backs, responsible for keeping and securing the stud in place. Again, you have different styles to choose from.

You can either choose Push Backs, the most popular style out there. Or, you can go for more secure options, such as Screw Backs and Secure Lock Backs.

Finally, have your diamond added to the gold stud. But remember, it’s a time-consuming process. And its success depends on the size and shape of the diamonds you chose in the first place. So, it’s better to use lab grown diamonds that are less expensive than natural diamonds.

They won’t give you a leg or an arm. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of shapes available.

You can turn those plain gold studs into elegant diamond studs that will go along with most of your outfits.

The Plain Gold Chain

Another traditional jewel that most people own is a plain gold chain. Some may have a simple chain, while some may have attached to a chain design for a bolder appearance.

Pendants are trendy now. You can add a cute little pendant to your chain and make it look shiny and new. The diamond pendants are available in different sizes.

You can choose one that goes well along with your chain and flaunt it around your neck all the time.

Simple Bracelets

Simple Bracelets

Adding diamonds on a plain bracelet might seem a bit off the hook, but it is possible. There are many different types of bracelets. Some of them include:

  • Tennis bracelet
  • Charm bracelet
  • Bangle bracelet
  • Chain bracelet
  • Cuff bracelet, etc.

If your bracelet has extra volume, you can ask the jeweler to add diamonds to it. You can ask your jeweler to source diamonds according to the width and volume of the bracelet. Again, the shape and size of the diamonds are critical. So before you go buy diamonds, take your jeweler’s advice.

All the jeweler has to do is add a line of small diamonds around the bracelet, and voila. You can conveniently turn a traditional jewel into a timeless accessory.

Timeless Hoop Earrings

Whether simple or featuring diamonds, hoop earrings have always been a timeless trinket that adds more dimension to your face cut. Hoops look stunning and can be worn with most outfits.

Depending on your size hoops, you can conveniently infuse them with diamonds. For example, if you have more oversized hoops, you can add a small diamond ball into the center of the hoop. Or, if you have smaller hoops, you can infuse a single diamond at the top.

Several people also infuse diamonds around the hoop to make it look more elegant.

Stack Your Traditional Rings

One of the latest rings for finger rings includes stacking different or sometimes identical rings together and putting them on one finger. So, what are you waiting for if you have a couple of rings that look identical or different but can be stacked together?

Ask a jeweler to add diamonds to the rings in a synchronized manner so that when you put them on, they create a pattern. This way, you can not only wear them together, but they will also look stunning when put together.

Combine Pearls & Diamonds

Combine Pearls & Diamonds

Pearls were a traditional piece of jewelry for the longest time. Some people would wear pearl necklaces as bespoke sophistication, while some would put on pearl earrings to make a statement.

Back then, adding diamonds to a pearl necklace would be blasphemy, but if you look at it now, we think it would increase that sophisticated vibe manifold.

You can always infuse your pearl necklace with a bold yet stunning bejeweled diamond pendant. You can also turn your diamond studs into drop-down earrings by adding pearls. Ensure that your pearls are original when using them with diamonds.

Traditional Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring looks gorgeous for day and night outfits both. If you have not attached a diamond to it, you can easily ask the jeweler to do it for you.

Cocktail rings are available in different gemstone shapes. You can add a hollow around the stone and have the diamond band infused to make it look more intricate. The hollow will also add definition around the gemstone, so even if you add a stone that is not a diamond, the ring will still look stunning.

Final Verdict

Diamonds are the most spectacular gemstones. They look gorgeous no matter which jewel you add them on. Depending on your choice, you can add more value to any of your traditional pieces, according to some of our suggestions.

Diamonds look intricate, hanging around your chain or infusing on a plain bracelet. Choose the size and shape of your diamonds according to the piece of jewelry you’re adding. This is everything from our end. Thank you for reading.

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