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How did China build a modern hospital in 10 days?

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How did China build a modern hospital in 10 days?

It was decided on January 23 to build a new hospital to fight the Corona virus, which was completed by 7000 people in 10 days.

The whole world is aware of the outbreak of the Corona virus in China. While the Corona virus has spread throughout China, on the other hand, the Chinese government has built a hospital in view of the emergency, which surprised the whole world. It was decided on January 23 that a new hospital would be built to fight the Corona virus.

The Chinese government did not wait at all and immediately began construction of a hospital in the city of China. According to the details, 7000 laborers worked day and night to build this hospital. Thereafter, the Chinese government plans to build another hospital, which will be completed by February 5.

According to various media reports in China, the hospital has been opened for the treatment of the people, treating people every moment.

It is not as if a poor hospital has been built in a hurry, the hospital has all the latest technology machines that are treating patients afterwards and it is hoped that the virus will soon be overcome. Will go Twenty thousand people have been victimized in China, while 425 people have died from the virus. The Chinese government is doing everything possible to control the virus somehow. In this difficult moment, the people of China also stand with them, for example in their 10-day hospital. There was a similar incident earlier in which China built a new hospital in Beijing during a week in 2003.

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