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How DNA Testing Works

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How DNA Testing Works

There are several reasons why anyone would want to get a DNA test. One of them is to find out if they are kin to someone else. You may even decide to do genetic testing to determine if you are related to someone else in the system. Once you decide to get a DNA test, you can arrange for one after consultation with your healthcare provider. This test is usually done through samples that can easily be collected. Here are a few ideas of how DNA testing works.


DNA testing is done through sample collection and testing. Some of the samples collected for testing include skin, hair, amniotic fluid, or blood. There are times where other tissues can also be used for testing. One of the procedures that are used for DNA testing is known as a buccal smear. This is when a small brush swab is used to collect samples from the surface cheek. These samples are then sent to the lab, where the tech looks for specific changes in chromosomes. They are also likely to look for changes in DNA or proteins depending on a suspected disorder. The report will then be sent in writing to you, your counselor, or your doctor. 


Newborn DNA testing isn’t done through normal cells like you would with everyone else. Instead, for the infant, testing is done through small blood samples. This is taken from the baby by pricking the baby’s heel. With other DNA tests, you get the results regardless of the outcome of the DNA. For newborns, though, the parent will only get the consequences if they are positive. If not, no results will come. In addition to determining paternity, the test can also be ordered to determine if the child has any genetic disorder. 

How to Go About It

Despite several people assuming that you need to go through a healthcare provider to get a dna test kit for health, you don’t have to. The idea is usually to get the proper counseling before you opt for the test if you are about to find out the paternity of a child. But in general, you can walk into any testing company and request testing. You can do this for any testing that you desire. If you are testing for any genetic disorder, you are highly advised to follow up with a doctor if you are found positive. 

Before Testing

You must understand some of the consequences of testing before you go on with testing. You also need to familiarize yourself with the procedure of the testing process. You may also want to know about the limitations that the test can have. If you have to, you may need to consult a health care provider for consultation on how you can go about it. You may also need to consult with a counselor for their services if you turn out positive for a disorder. 

DNA Testing Does It Work

DNA testing can be done for various reasons, and you need first to find out what you want to get from the testing. Above is how the test is done and what it is all about. 

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