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How does a Coworking Space impact your mental well-being and productivity?

by John Milton
Coworking Space

A coworking space acts as a local business community to work and network. Coworking has really transformed the way workers would like to work and interact, especially given the remote or hybrid work culture. There are many surveys that talk about how working in a shared office space boosts the employees’ mental health and productivity.

Mental health is one of the hot topics in today’s business world. Several studies tell us that one in six workers suffer from mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. Having a good and healthy workspace is one of the key areas that are important for the mental well-being of an employee. A good work environment and healthy work culture are a must to increase productivity.

The new trend to work in coworking spaces for individuals and medium to large enterprises is increasing day by day with the change in work culture, particularly post pandemic. Working in an office space for rent allows people to work and collaborate with new people as they share a common space. It is not just for those working on the same business project but also across other domains also. The workers experience independence to work and collaborate with each other, as they can always consult, motivate others and learn new things. All of these positively impacts the workers’ mental well-being and increases productivity. Let’s know more about this:

Seamless flow of ideas:

Working around other like-minded professionals, you get to meet people with unique skills and talents under one roof. You also get an opportunity to tap into their knowledge and skills whenever you are stuck with something.

Brainstorms with diverse team:

Coworking also means brainstorming and learning new things every day from your differently skilled coworkers. Office spaces for rent help to gain knowledge, creativity, and eventually, industry-relevant expertise can be sourced here.

Generating new ideas:

Workers working on the same project can accumulate new ideas by working together. Coworking desks help in interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, and that may be relevant in the generation of a fresh perspective.

Happiness is equal to productivity:

Being happy will definitely help increase productivity. The workers in the business centers make new friends and the value of friendships and close workplace relationships will help them bond. Also, many of these coworking spaces have networking events regularly where you and your team can let down their hair.

Enhances work-life balance:

Working from a coworking space you can have a healthy work-life balance. One will not suffer from loneliness or boredom that comes from working from home. People find themselves conversing with their coworkers in the plug-and-play area which will surely work to boost their overall productivity.

Collaboration opportunities:

Shared office spaces are a way you get a chance to network and also for mentorship. A casual conversation on a coworking desk may lead to a good rapport. It helps to get a quick collaboration.

One such provider of coworking space in Bangalore that can offer you workspaces with community and member benefits is iKeva. iKeva has established presence across Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai and provides individuals and freelancers along with small, medium and large sized companies workspaces to suit their needs.

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