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How Does CBD Balm Help Chapped Lips?

by M Sakhawat
Chapped Lips

By now, you’ve might’ve heard about CBD and its miraculous healing powers. As more and more people seek alternative, natural healing methods, CBD is now the go-to product for optimizing your health. Being an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound, taking CBD to help improve your health is more than just a fad. 

CBD benefits aren’t limited to common health issues. An example of this is the latest craze for CBD lip balm. And, while some health regimes are just a fad, CBD balm seems to be winning the race against other lip care products, which tend to mask dryness only for a short time.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. This active compound present in the plant isn’t as psychoactive as the other prevalent cannabinoid called THC. It comes in three forms: Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum. The following part contains basic information related to the three forms of CBD.

  • Isolate: is CBD in its purest form with no THC or other chemical compounds present.
  • Broad Spectrum: contains additional natural compounds, such as other active cannabinoids and terpenes, from the cannabis plant, but there’s no THC.
  • Full Spectrum: this form contains less than 0.3 percent of THC along with other plant compounds.

When purchasing CBD products, ensure to check the label, as it’ll help you identify which CBD form you’re taking. For example, if you are looking for pure CBD by Green passion, the label should indicate that the product is CBD isolate and not full-spectrum.

5 Benefits of CBD Lip Balm

CBD balm for dry lips is the best way to heal and moisturize dry, chapped lips, making them smooth and supple. Moreover, it doesn’t clump up like most lip balms. 

Here’s how CBD lip balm is excellent for dry lips.

  1. Antibacterial

CBD is a natural compound with antibacterial properties that can protect your lips from bacteria, infection, and irritation. Besides, like all antioxidants, CBD Gummies helps stabilize and neutralize free radicals by interrupting free radical chain reactions, which are unstable cells that can destroy your healthy cells. This stabilization and neutralization of free radicals help protect the lips when applying CBD lip balm.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Dry lips are more likely to get chapped and burned. CBD can soothe chapped lips, cold sores, or sun-exposed lips by reducing the expression of pro-inflammatory genes and exhibiting an anti-inflammatory effect on microglial cells that is dose-dependent. Moreover, these anti-inflammatory effects alleviate the pain associated with such symptoms.

CBD has been extensively studied for its anti-inflammatory and healing capabilities. In a 2019 study, researchers indicated that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect and acts as an antioxidant. A CBD balm incorporates all these capabilities to alleviate pain and inflammation, thus ensuring moist, smooth lips.

  1. Antioxidant/Sun Damage Protection

When your lips are exposed to the sun without any protection, they’re at risk for sun damage, resulting in premature aging, drying, cracking, and color pigmentation.

A CBD balm can help heal sun-damaged lips by carrying out an antioxidant process when applied to the lips. Moreover, CBD balm often contains a mixture of hemp oil and CBD, which provides moisture to your lips and locks it in, preventing them from getting dry.

  1. Enhanced Appearance and Plumpness

Most people rely on expensive injections to get plump lips, which isn’t a cost-effective or safe technique. However, CBD balm can offer these results at a much lower price.

Research shows that providing enough water and moisture can increase the dermal thickness of the skin, including lips, making CBD an attractive choice. CBD balm can help retain the moisture in the lips, crucial for beautiful, plump lips.

  1. Deep Moisturization

Unlike skin, lips don’t have oil-producing glands, so it’s vital to identify ways to moisturize and hydrate our lips. Since a CBD lip balm can moisturize the lips, it can help treat several symptoms, such as dryness and irritation, associated with chapped lips.

A CBD balm combines all these potential healing benefits to moisturize your lips and heal dry, cracked lips.

How Does a CBD Lip Balm Work?

Since the skin can engage with cannabinoid receptors associated with our body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD doesn’t necessarily have to enter the bloodstream by eating or inhalation to promote its effects. CBD topicals, including a CBD lip balm, can be directly applied to the affected part to provide localized relief.

This application allows CBD to interact with the endocannabinoid system, thus reducing irritation and soothing the pain of dry, cracked skin.

CBD Lip Balm Dosage

Ideally, you’d want to take note of the amount of CBD in your lip balm. They contain anywhere between 5 and 200 milligrams of CBD. The amount of CBD is crucial because it impacts how fast you enjoy the benefits. Moreover, CBD amount also determines the product price and quality.

Using lip balm with a low CBD dosage, between 5 and 25 milligrams, will take a significant amount of time to deliver results. In contrast, if you use a lip balm high in CBD, you’ll enjoy all the potential benefits, including moist and plump lips, much quicker.


CBD lip balm is a new and alternative way to take care of your lips. It is an organic product with no chemicals. With all of its healing properties, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, CBD balm is seemingly the best choice. However, always check the product label to determine the ideal CBD type as per your needs. In addition, like with any medicinal product, ensure that you consult with the doctor before incorporating any CBD product, including CBD lip balm, into your lifestyle.

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