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How does the distance education process work?

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Education is the key factor for the success of every mankind. It is not enough to complete the secondary school studies to get into the next stage of success, but acquiring knowledge through a degree course is also essential. You can attain the degree by attending the regular stream or pursuing it by getting admitted in the distance tutoring system. Several universities offer this particular coaching system that helps the students get qualified to move on to the next level.

Why choose the distance study system?

All the learners are not able to get into the colleges to get their degree completed. There might be various reasons behind every student, such as family background, financial status, the necessity to work, etc.

The universities have designed the distance mode of teaching so that no student must leave out by getting their degrees to get completed. It can be utilized by scholars of any category and can come up in their life.

The particular stream can obtain the bachelor’s and the master’s degree, and lpu distance education BBA is such a kind of degree that can be attained by any student from any part of the country.

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How is the curriculum designed?

BBA is a three-year course that excels in management-oriented talents and helps them understand economic success with management-oriented applications.

The student in lpu distance education BBA will be trained and exposed to all the business environments that include local, national and global that could be covered up with general education, information system, and business and the management systems.

The principle of the schedule includes enhancing the understanding of all the business functions, enabling them with theory and practical knowledge, improving the skills in the trainees through the academic process. And motivating the students to shine in all the fields of economics, management, and data technology.

What is the process for admission?

The student who wants to get admitted to the distance education program needs to complete their higher secondary examination with the relevant percentage of the mark. Then, they can download the application form from the website and fill it up with the pupils, and all the necessary documents need to be attached with a photograph of the student.

It is very important to attest all the documents, and then it has to be sent with the application. The student’s coded amount needs to be paid in favor of “Lovely Faculty of Distance Education” in the form of DD. You can also pay the fees in person by visiting the administration block.

Once the team of the university verifies the documents, you will get admission for the BBA course. The university will send the study materials t to the student through the postal service, and they can start their learning process.

 the online classes will clear all the doubts, and the students can attend the examination for the first year of the course mentioned. The remaining two years of the studies will also follow the same process. And the student can achieve the BBA degree successfully.

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