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How does the L1 Blanket petition help employers

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How does the L1 Blanket petition help employers

Multinational companies have a massive role in the global economy. Now, as they ensure that their business keeps on growing anywhere globally, they need special assistance in keeping up with their goals. If you are a constant fan of CEOs and executive movies and stories, you will notice how they can go from country to country. 

It is not that they can easily buy plane tickets, but they are well assisted with a permit called the L1 visa. But there are a lot of instances that a company needs to send a team. Processing their papers one by one would take time. That is the reason why the L1 blanket visa came into existence. It is to aid those companies in sending over several employees. 

This L1 visa guide will unravel how the L1 blanket petition helps employers. So read this until the bottom to clear all your queries in this matter. 

L1 Blanket Visa: An Overview

The L1 Blanket petition is awarded or granted to large companies who wish to transfer their L1 employees to the United States of America. Here, the process is much faster than filing each employee’s visa separately. 

For the company to qualify for this special petition, it must have the following requirements:

  • The company frequently transfers L1 employees to USA parent, affiliate, subsidiary, or branch company. 
  • The company must have at least a thousand employees to qualify. Plus, a company would not be considered multinational if they do not have a lot of employees, to begin with. 
  • The United States of America company should have filed for at least ten L1 visas for their employees in the last twelve months. This serves as proof that the company frequently sends employees over to the United States of America company. 
  • The combined annual sales of the USA company and the one related to it must be in a total of at least $25 million. 

L1 Blanket petition benefits to the employers and the employee

The initial requirements to qualify may seem too extra, but it is just what it needs for easier transactions. Now, let us see what benefits you. 

Easy Transfer and Quickly issued visa

Unlike other types of visas, you need to follow up yourself, even if you have an immigration lawyer helping you. In that sense, you may need to take some time off from work to prioritize the visa processing. Which we know is a struggle on everyone’s part. Your employer will have problems with someone who is not at work not doing your job. 

Under the L1 blanket petition, the company can send over the employees’ names that they will send abroad. They will also be collating all their documents and information in one go. In this sense, it will mitigate the risk of having too many absences and delays. 

On the other hand, it is prioritized at some point due to the volume of individuals to be sent over. In addition, the USCIS approves them right away as long as they pass the requirements. 

Avail of the Benefits of L1 visa

The L1 blanket petition is just under the L1 visa; technically, you will get an L1 ticket. It will depend on whether you are a skilled worker or an executive. In this sense, you will get to travel in and out of the USA. On top of that, you can opt to upgrade your status to permanent residency. This is as long as your L1 status does not expire. 

Bring over some dependents.

This is one problem when employing someone. The human resource section does not have to deny this! If you have kids or are married, prioritizing the family hinders you from being productive. If the only thing that will make you lose your motivation at work is that you are miles away from your family, then bring them over with you.

Just coordinate with your company how the fees and expenses will be. 

A permanent residency is an option.

We know that all type of visas requires the intent to depart the moment your visa expires. But in this scenario, as long as you have your L1 status, you can already file for permanent residency or green card. If the company wants you there in the United States of America, this option is great to lessen the fees, especially when reapplying, renewing, or extending your visas. 


With business on the line, there are options for employers to transfer over their employees quickly. This is very important, especially if it is for the company’s betterment. But your employers do not have to face a massive pile of struggles in doing this. 

Thanks to the L1 blanket petition! It has aided a lot of multinational companies entering the USA. We hope that this guide has helped you, especially the employers. If you have some suggestions from your experience, tell us so, and let’s help visa applicants. 


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