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How Houseplants Enhance Focus and Concentration

by John Milton
How Houseplants Enhance Focus and Concentration

Your environment impacts your mood and ability to concentrate. A bland office space can feel cold and uninviting and will not inspire high-level thinking and problem-solving—an inspiring, well-designed workspace will foster creativity, focus, and concentration. If you want to get the best from your team, you need to create the right workspace. Find out how indoor plants set the right tone and help your team take care of business.

Interior Design

Indoor plants are an effective and easy way to add color, texture, and visual interest to a room. Offices are dull and boring by nature. The walls and furniture are often neutral colors, and everything is square and drab. Plants liven up the space. The long draping vines of a pothos break up the boxy lines of bookcases and filing cabinets, while a dieffenbachia adds intriguing patterned foliage that stands out against beige walls.

Calming Influence

Being outside and experiencing nature can be calming and soothing. Nature is almost meditative for many people. Decorating an office with plants brings those tranquil vibes into the work area. Research has shown that indoor plants improve alertness and happiness, making concentrating on the task at hand easier.

Noise Reduction

Offices can be noisy places. Chatter from huddles and phone calls is necessary. Still, it can be distracting, especially in an open office environment. Sound bounces off hard surfaces, so noise can reverberate through an office. Houseplants naturally absorb some of the noise. The soft tissue of plants prevents sound from carrying through an office, reducing echoes. Plants will not eliminate noise, but they soften loud noises and reduce disruptive sounds to a quiet murmur. Being part of the conversation is important during a meeting, but houseplants make it easy to focus while working independently in a bustling environment.

Fresh Air

Plants naturally convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, turning the air we exhale into breathable air. Increased carbon dioxide clouds thinking and makes it more difficult to concentrate. Fresh air generated by plants improves cognitive function and aids in concentration and focus. Plants also filter the air. We’re surrounded by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), especially when indoors. Houseplants cleanse the air of these harmful compounds so that you can breathe clean, fresh air.

The Best Plants for Your Office

Houseplant care varies drastically from one plant to another, and low-maintenance houseplants are often best for office environments. Taking care of plants can create a routine, and research has shown that routines improve mental health and reduce stress. While having a routine is beneficial, keep the plant care minimal with easy care houseplants. Low-maintenance plants provide all of the benefits of houseplants but without a lot of attention. Snake plants, succulents like aloe or echeveria, croton, pothos, and spider plants are all easy houseplants that are not fussy. Select plants that work for your space based on the sunlight and humidity available. Including houseplants in an office is an easy way to make the area conducive to concentration, so your team can do their best work.

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