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How Live Classes Help In Online Education?

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How Live Classes Help In Online Education

With technology evolving faster than ever, developments and advancements in the field of networking and easier access to the internet for all, the world can now easily function online, in a virtual space. More services and facilities than we can imagine are available online. You name it and it exists. There are mobile applications, desktop applications, software, websites and a wide range of other tools using which the online world works. The online shift of every service that is necessary for people has made life easier and more convenient. It has allowed people to devote more time to things that are more important. It has also brought the world closer. Sitting in New Delhi, India, you can connect to New York and shop from the best brands and stores there. You can find information from across the globe in just a few clicks from the comfort of your home and much more.

In the last two years, even education has made a shift to the online space. Online education isn’t a new concept or a vague idea anymore. It is the model of education in use for over two years and benefits almost every student of all age groups. Online education has made teaching and learning easier. This mode has offered more flexibility to all and teachers can conduct classes from where they like and at their convenience. Students can study at any time using the recorded videos and uploaded study material. The tedious and monotonous tasks have been automated allowing teachers to focus more on creating interesting course content and taking lectures. Students have the opportunity to explore more than ever using online resources, e-libraries, video streaming apps and so much more. Knowledge is now available at the tips of their fingers and there is now no looking back. Online education has opened up new doors and new opportunities for all.

While there are various benefits of online education and online facilities in general, the only missing link is the human presence and personal relations. This is especially true for online education as students and teachers were very used to being present around each other, interacting and communicating regularly and being part of a group where it was common to have many people around. The pandemic has led everyone to maintain social distancing and avoid gatherings and not only children or students but people in general now crave human interaction more than ever.

Staying connected with the students during online classes is super important. The students form bonds and relations with teachers that help them learn and understand better, perform better and also score better. For teachers to build relations with students and students to interact with each other one of the best online tools is the live class.

Live classes are very common in the online education system. These classes take place in real-time and allow students and teachers to interact in real-time. Live classes are conducted using group video meeting platforms. These platforms allow the students and teachers to turn on their mics and cameras using which they can speak in class and answer questions or ask doubts or explain the lessons.

Online teaching is facilitated by a wide range of apps but live classes remain one of the best tools because of various reasons. These classes have a lot of benefits for both students and teachers. A school or college is not only about learning the syllabus assigned and passing with a good grade. It is also about making the students more disciplined. Students had a fixed schedule while they attended traditional classes. While online classes have made learning more flexible, school management and having a fixed schedule is important. Live classes can be conducted only at a specific time and hence students can make a timetable to include self-study and these classes together.

A wide range of features are offered by apps supporting live classes. These features can be used to make lessons more creative and engaging for the students. Teachers can even share their screens to show videos and explain them alongside or use a virtual whiteboard to explain concepts.

Live classes can be recorded and the videos can be used for future reference and revision. Live classes are one of the tools of remote learning that make it more similar to a traditional class and help improve teaching and learning.

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