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How often should you replace your boiler?

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Q: Do you have any questions about boiler maintenance before we move on? When was the last time you had your boiler serviced or replaced? Have you recently moved into a new home? What do you know regarding the condition of your boiler?

We understand that it may appear to be a tedious job, but if your boiler packs up suddenly, not only is it an inconvenience since you’ll be without heating and hot water, but also because you’ll have to replace or repair it.

What boiler do you have?

Electric boilers

Electric boilers are a popular alternative to some old boilers. These utilize the power coming from the main house supply to heat components within the boiler. The water in this example is heated as it passes over the heating elements, allowing it to circulate through the central heating system.

Boilers of this sort don’t burn anything, so they don’t create smoke, gases, or fumes. Because they don’t require a flume or stored fuel, electric boilers are simple to install and maintain. They are also efficient because they do not need a flume, nor any fuel storage.

Condensing boilers

A condensing boiler heats water in a second chamber with hot gas from the primary chamber.

There are several types of condensing boilers, but the most popular is a combi-boiler. The presence of two separate components in a combi-boiler makes installation easier. A combi-boiler also ensures that the property has a continuous supply of hot water, so you don’t have to wait for the tank

The major disadvantage of combi-boilers is that they can’t make a lot of water at once, therefore you’ll have to choose between only one faucet at a time. This is due to the size of the boiler components.

Oil boilers

Four million homes in the UK do not have mains gas connections, thus an oil boiler is used instead. These boilers function similarly to gas boilers but utilize oil to generate hot water. The water is then pumped through the radiators in the house after being heated. Because the oil has.

Biomass boilers

A biomass boiler heats water with wood pellets, logs, or chips. They are ideal for individuals who do not have access to the main gas supply in their homes. A wood stove is a kind of biomass heating system.

When should you replace your boiler?

A boiler serves for around 15 years on average if properly maintained, and even a yearly check-up can improve its longevity. An older boiler must work harder to heat your property, reducing energy efficiency and posing the risk that it is not safe. To determine if your boiler needs to be replaced, follow these steps.

Higher costs

If your energy expenses are increasing, it’s possible that your boiler isn’t running as smoothly as it should. Alternatively, you may need to look for a new energy provider to save money on your monthly bill.

I’m feeling chilly.

If you’ve been living in your home for a while, you’ll be familiar with what a “normal” temperature feels like when the heating is on. If you’re chilly, get a plumber or gas engineer to check your boiler because there might be an issue.

I’m just waiting around.

The easiest method to tell whether your boiler needs to be replaced is to observe how long it takes for the boiler to heat up. Most modern boilers should quickly generate heat, so if you’re waiting for your hot water or heating to turn on, it’s time to replace the boiler.


Many newer boilers have an energy efficiency rating. The scale ranges from A to G, indicating how efficient each model is. An A-rated boiler has a minimum efficiency of 90% and a maximum efficiency of more than 90%. Check to see whether your boiler has an efficiency rating. If you have a low rating, it may be time to invest

What’s causing the racket?

If you’ve noticed unusual clunking or whirring noises coming from your boiler by now, it’s probably safe to assume that you know the sounds it makes.

What’s that awful stench?

A malfunctioning boiler can create carbon monoxide. As a result, it’s critical to be aware of any indications of gas release. If your boiler gives off a faint aroma, it might indicate that it isn’t burning adequately, resulting in the formation of carbon monoxide. Dark marks may appear on the actual boiler if this happens.

Checking and servicing your boiler

So, if your boiler isn’t more than 15 years old and you don’t notice any faults, it’s probably OK. However, you should have your heating system serviced regularly. When you should get one…


It’s very important to have your boiler serviced annually. This is regular enough to There are several factors to consider when purchasing a new boiler. We’ve outlined the most essential ones below so you can make an educated decision.

As previously stated, your existing boiler must be in good working order before upgrading. If your boiler fails at any point during the implementation of this project and causes significant damage to your home or business,

The warranty on your boiler may be void if you fail to maintain it annually. If your boiler breaks down and you go to claim on your insurance, the claim might be voided because the servicing was not done.

When you move

Unless you’re moving from one property to another, the boiler is probably not on your to-do list. It’s possible that it was something on your checklist that you were supposed to ask the previous homeowner or estate agent but never got around to doing so. Having a service performed when you move in will save you time and stress in the future because

In summer

You may be asking why I would need a boiler service in the summer! However, it’s always worth planning and you might be able to get an appointment sooner in the summer than during the colder months.

If you want to protect against breakdowns, why not contact Bumblebee Heating? You may safeguard your boiler and central heating for a monthly fee against those unanticipated events.

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