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How should you be exploring the amazing Mile High City in your upcoming vacation

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Things to do in Denver

You’ll find a bunch of incredible things to do and breathtaking places to visit in the Mile High City. It does not matter if you love to travel to modern cities or only choose to go places with an interesting history; Denver has got something great for all kinds of travelers. With our Things to do in Denver guide, you can make the best out of your Denver trip for sure. In this handy guide, we have tried our best to make this list of some of the spots that you should not miss during your trip.

  • Larimer Square: Some of the natives of Denver also love calling this masterpiece Auraria. It can be a little bit surprising for you to know that till now, we can feel the historic charm of this place. It is also housing some of the most famous dining restaurants and boutique shops of Mile High City. Once you feel like you are done exploring Larimer Square, you can also explore the Museum of Contemporary art.

  • Denver Botanic Gardens: Have you ever feel like experiencing a wide diversity of plants from all over the world? If yes, then you are going to fall in love with this calmingly awesome place. It is actually different types of gardens and collections together that make the place appealing. The unique geography and the pleasing climate of the place are what make the place so much relaxing and a perfect tourist destination. Not just travelers, but the natives of the city also love to spend some hours of their weekends at this peaceful place. Some people love to admire the botanic beauty. If you think of yourself as a botanic lover, then you must check out this place. There have been numerous conservation programs taking place for protecting hundreds of species and natural habitats. No doubt that this place is a perfect outing destination, not only for travelers but also for natives.

  • Mount Evans: It is kind of impossible for any traveler to complete his trip to the Mile High City without visiting the most famous spot of the city of all time i.e. Mount Evans. Just go there, chill out with your friends, feel some fresh air, and make the most out of your time in the Mile High city. The amazing views will make you forget your problems, and you feel so peaceful. You’ll find some kind of strange bumps as you’ll start your journey to Mount Evans. But, you need not have to worry as the road is all paved up. It will take you around 3 to 4 hours to reach the peak. If you are planning your trips for the springs, then you will be seeing a lot of amazing flowers and pleasing snow on your way to Mount Evans.

  • Union Station: Do not go for the name of this place; it is so much more than a transportation station. A huge number of travelers explore this place every year, making it one of the worth visiting spots. Since 1881, when this building was opened for the very first time, it has gone through a lot of renovations. Now, there is everything you can ask for; from posh restaurants to stores exhibiting unique and historic antiques. You’ll have a great exploring the Union Station, especially with your kids.

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