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How to Build Your Handbag Collection

by John Milton
How to Build Your Handbag Collection

At AULOVELY, we will never tell you to limit the number of handbags you have – the more the better! But if you do collect handbags, we recommend that you have the right bag for every occasion in your life, something we have in mind when it comes to expertly crafting leather handbags.

Notes on Completing the Handbag Collection

Having the right type of handbag for your everyday, evening and special occasion needs means having a collection in every shape, size, style and colour. This will help you identify and categorize your handbags and purses every time you want to add a new one to your handbag closet.

Handbag Style

One of the biggest deciding factors will be the style of the handbag. Different styles of bags have different functions. If you’re looking for antiques in a quaint new town, the messenger bag is the way to go because it keeps your hands free. Working in an office and need a bag big enough for a laptop, water bottle and walking shoes? Then a handbag or backpack is a good choice. When you’re out for an evening cocktail party, the mini Melbourne satchel is a chic option to pair with jeans and a blazer. Special occasions deserve a stylish and chic clutch.

Handbag Size

Once you have chosen your bag style, you can decide on its size, depending on how much you plan to carry. Medium bags like satchels are a must-have in any bag collection due to their versatility. It can carry you through a full day, has enough room for all your essentials, and is stylish enough to double duty for dinner and drinks. The mini messenger bag is perfect when all you need is your keys, phone and wallet – and a great way to experiment with bold prints in small doses.

Handbag Color

When it comes to prints, and when it comes to handbag colors, the rainbow is just the beginning. Start with traditional shades: bags in black, navy and hickory always look elegant and timeless. Bags in bold hues, like metallic green or purple, can add a striking focal point to every outfit. No matter the season, red and blue handbags are always popular. Try trending graphic prints to spice up a simple dress. Remember, animal prints never go out of style.

Handbag Material

Handbags are made from all types of textiles, but some handbag materials last longer than others. Leather is soft, supple, durable and protective. Brahmin’s bags are made of 100% genuine leather, so they are a quality investment. Handbags in mixed materials such as leather and denim create a striking contrast.

Tips for storing your handbag

Proper storage of handbags will keep them looking their best. Make sure to empty your handbag at the end of the day. You can store the bags upright to help them retain their original shape, or hang them up. You can also put them in the dust bag, which is included with most Brahman wallet purchases. It protects your bag from sun exposure, excess moisture, dirt and dust.

Whether you have 5 or 50 in your handbag collection, AULOVELY has something for everyone. Find the perfect fit with our latest collection of leather handbags, trendy bags and timeless classics.

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