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How To Celebrate New Year Without Harming Your Health?

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While we buy food, pack gifts, and plan New Year’s holidays to the fullest, doctors and firefighters are also preparing for the New Year. Otherwise, in these days of increased danger, they will have to work very hard. Why is the New Year dangerous?

And those that are considered its indispensable attributes: a Christmas tree with toys and garlands of lights, fireworks, a plentiful table with booze, jellied meat, salad and delicacies, sledding from a slide. All these are enough reasons to take you to a hospital, increasing the work of doctors.

In this article, we will help you learn how to enjoy New Year without harming your health.

Tips To Enjoy New Year Healthily

Here are some tips that will help you prevent any health problems.

1.     Christmas Tree

Living trees in heated apartments with low air humidity dry out very quickly and become fire hazards. The Christmas tree can fall – this may happen due to children, curious cats, and awkward movements of the amused guests. It’s good if it doesn’t fall on the burning Bengal candles. 

It is good if the included garland of bulbs does not cause a short circuit. If you are unlucky, a fire is possible, which drunk people may not be able to extinguish. For greater safety, it is better not to light a live fire near the spruce. 

And buy garlands only of high quality, fireproof, and make sure that each has no more than 50 lights. Do not buy Christmas tree decorations from unknown manufacturers. Some of the toys may be made from harmful ingredients, including radioactive ones.

2.     Alcohol

Counterfeit alcoholic beverages are dangerous, which appear on the market several times more than usual on the eve of the New Year. Champagne, vodka, and martinis can be counterfeit. Drinking bad alcohol leads to serious poisoning.

Alcohol abuse is no less dangerous. Drunkenness leads to the commission of reckless and sometimes dangerous acts. And above all, alcohol abuse often leads to alcohol dependence, especially if you have a history of alcohol addiction. One way to tackle this problem is to get treatment before the New Year starts.

You can do this by getting help from professionals. If you reside in Los Angeles, you can find a variety of treatment options nearby. Besides, rehab centers Los Angeles will take good care of you throughout the recovery process. This will surely help you avoid alcoholic drinks at New Year’s party and also give a good start to a new year.

3.     Pyrotechnics

Injuries sustained during the launch of pyrotechnic products make up the lion’s share of the work of the ambulance. Most often, these are hand burns, but there can be more serious injuries, up to the most tragic outcomes. To avoid trouble, follow a few rules:

  • Do not buy pyrotechnics from random sellers who do not have product certificates.
  • Check the expiration date of the pyrotechnics.
  • Do not deviate from the instructions that should be on each of the products.
  • Do not allow children and teenagers to launch fireworks or even set firecrackers on their own.
  • Do not leave pyrotechnic entertainment at a time when alcohol begins to lead your actions.

4.     Food

A separate problem of the New Year is overeating. Those who like to eat plentifully end up in hospitals with exacerbations of ulcers, gastritis, pancreatitis, and food poisoning. Poisoning is caused by fake delicacies bought for the New Year’s table: caviar of unknown origin, expensive fish, salted or smoked in unknown conditions, or home-smoked meat. 

It happens that shops try to get rid of stale goods on New Year’s Eve and push expired goods at sales. Another problem is homemade food, especially salads with mayonnaise. It is impossible to store them for more than 12 hours from the moment of adding mayonnaise. This happens with cakes too. But the majority ignores this thing and eats everything. 

In addition, some food combinations are simply very poorly digested by the body. The popular jellied meat, especially pork, drunk with strong alcohol, can hit the liver and pancreas so hard that the New Year will begin at a hospital ward. So be careful of what you eat on New Year and prevent overeating at all costs.

5.     Sledding And Other Fun Activities

It’s great to feel like a child, to feel delighted, flying on a sled down a hill with a yell. But even in moments of fun, it is necessary to remember about safety precautions. Ordinary sleds are not designed for the weight of an adult, especially with a child. They can just fall apart at the very moment when you have already picked up a decent speed. The risk of injury is high, especially for children. 

Adults under the influence of alcohol and do not assess the situation very adequately. Playing snowballs can also be dangerous. You do not even know how many injuries a well-aimed hit of hard snow can cause. Celebrating the New Year with black spots under your eyes is not the best adventure in life.

If you went to celebrate a holiday at a ski resort – soberly assess your capabilities. If you ski every five years, and even then on a flat track in a nearby park, going downhill can be extremely dangerous for you. Schumacher was a good skier, and even he once got injured. Caution hasn’t hurt anyone yet.

Take Away

New Year is our favorite, truly magical, and beautiful time of the year. There is no doubt that all of us want to enjoy it to our fullest. However, our carelessness will ruin this special time of the year for our family too and may also take us to the hospital. Do you want to start your year with heavy medication? If, no carefully read this article and be cautious. Surely, there are healthy ways to enjoy New Year too, so adopt them and have fun!

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