How to Choose the Best Rugs Online

Area rugs add unique value and warmth to your place. Rugs are not only the decoration elements but also provide a characteristic flair to your entire home. Rugs exist in an ample variety from traditional to contemporary and southwest to geometric; you can find the best rug with the least struggle. If you are not aware of the specific facts about how you can find the right carpet for your living room, dining room, and bedrooms, don’t make a random purchase. Browse the internet or ask some relatives for more information.

Pick the best area rugs online for any place by following the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Choose the right Shape
  • Decide on the colour palette
  • Find out the right rug size
  • Focus on the nature of Traffic
  • Look at the patterns
  • Read about material guide
  • Don’t forget the rug pad

 Choose the right Shape

Rug shapes matter a lot. Don’t feel scared to use different forms. There is not any hard and fast rule to have rectangular shapes. You may buy the round rugs, particularly for the outdoors, hallways and entrances. Choose oval and square rugs for dining rooms or other suitable areas.

 Decide on the Color palette.

You may decide on the wrong colours while buying rugs. A golden rule states that always try to coordinate the rug colour with the existing home embellishments. 60-30-10 rules state that

  • Dominant colour plays a 60% role. This dominant colour is mostly characterized by the colour of walls, furniture and large size accessories.
  • About 30% is the secondary colour. From secondary colours, you can select the perfect rug.
  • The 10% role is played by the accent colours such as the lamp lights and the vases.

Find out the right rug size.

There are some specific points that you should know before deciding on the right rug size. For all the spaces, either their living room or dining room, follow the proper guideline.

Dining areas

For the ideal rug in the dining area, measure the length and width from all dimensions. Choose a rug for dining tare that is at least 2 feet long on both sides. The best carpet is the one that allows the free movement of chairs.


For living rooms, buy a rug that can serve as a focal point. Place the carpet in the centre of the room and ensure that all the furniture is placed above the rug. If you are not willing to put the whole table, try to place the furniture legs over it. Rugs are also used to divide the space. Try to use a cohesive colour and designs that will give a uniform look.


To make the bed the focal point of your entire bedroom:

  1. Try placing a rug under the bed.
  2. Take proper measurements; for this, extend the measure for 2 feet on each side of the bed.
  3. Try using a layered pattern for the bedrooms. You can also add rug runners on both sides to have a soft, cosy and warm landing every morning.


Rugs can also be used in kitchens. You can try placing a rug in front of the sink and below the stove area. This may ease pain in the legs and feet. Either it’s a rug runner or a simple rug that takes 6 inches measurements that are always away from the cabinets. For avoiding slips and falls, always use a rug pad below the rug.


Rugs create the first impression if they are sitting on the entrance points. Look for something that allows safe arrivals and departures.

Hallways and Passageways

If you are looking for the right rugs online to make hallways and passageways more interactive, try using runners. For making the runner, the best fit, consider the measurement. Leave 6 inches of space on both sides to make it a perfect fit.

Patios and Decks

Outdoor rugs are incredible for patios and decks. For the perfect size, make sure that the carpet should be 2 feet wider than the dining table. Conversation sets look best in rectangular shapes.

Look at the Pattern

For choosing rugs online, rug patterns matter a lot. Consider the space and look around that either the furniture and walls have some straightforward ways or explicit. Choose subtle patterns for the patterned walls and bold designs for quiet walls.

Focus on the nature of Traffic

If you are buying rugs online, never forget to consider the foot traffic. For the areas that have a low traffic, low pile height will be the right choice. On the other hand, the areas with immensely high Traffic need high pile height for the rugs. A rug with detailed patterns is also useful in dealing with high traffic areas. Shag rugs are incredible for bedrooms and living rooms.

Natural vs synthetic rugs

Before buying a rug online, read the material guide of the selected carpet. Natural fibres such as wool, cotton are comfy rugs that are delicate and equally expensive. Some of the materials are highly susceptible to fade away over time. Synthetic carpets are an excellent choice for high traffic rugs.


Type of material

  • Characteristics



  • Highly resistant to stains and mildews.



  • High versatile, durable and soft.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.



  • Highly durable rug choice
  • Have soft fibres
  • Get faded in the sunlight
  • Fibres will disintegrate with time.



  • Highly Versatile and durable
  • Pronounced for areas with heavy foot traffic
  • Easy to clean and maintain



  • The most stain-resistant synthetic fibre
  • Repels water; impervious to most stains
  • Less expensive than other fibres



  • The most robust and most durable natural fibre
  • Stain-free and colourfast

Don’t forget the rug pad.

Rug pads are the necessary elements that are required to position your rug accurately. To avoid all the slips, falls, and trips, buy a rug pad.

  • Rug pads help in reducing the wear and tear of rugs.
  • Rug pads absorb excessive noise and annoying sounds.
  • Capable of providing easy vacuum cleaning
  • Protects the flooring beneath that is of laminate or hardwood from scratches and spills.

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Rugs are the significant signature elements that provide an incredible effect on your home. Rugs that are not of the right shape and size may ruin the overall impact. With mats now, you get the desired look in both traditional and modern contexts.

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