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How to choose the right AWS partner?

by M Sakhawat
How to choose the right AWS partner

Nowadays, many businesses depend upon cloud computing platforms. After all, cloud computing has many benefits such as cost savings, sustainability, flexibility, disaster recovery, quality control, etc.

One such cloud computing platform is Amazon Web Services (AWS). This platform provides tools like content delivery and database storage.

If you are looking for this platform, you can choose the right AWS consulting partner or technology partner to enhance and improve your services. You can ensure that your system will be managed and maintained properly.

But choosing the right partner can be daunting and challenging. So, in order to make things simple, read on to know how to choose the best AWS partner.

Before evaluating your partners

Before making a decision, you will have to evaluate various partners thoroughly. You must make a list of your requirements. Also, you must make sure those needs and constraints match the partners. After all, there are many partners, and opting for one can be baffling at times. So, to make things easy, you must be well-aware of what you are searching for.

You can determine your main goal if you want to save costs or adopt new technology. You might also want to market your services or products swiftly or increase agility. In case you have multiple goals in your mind, you must decide the overall budget.

You must also evaluate the AWS partners based on their experience. Moreover, you can either choose from securing in-house resources or outsourcing solutions.

Type of partners

You must figure out your requirements before taking the next step. You can look for two types of partners like consulting partners and technology partners. Generally, several companies comprise a single category, but some of them provide both. It entirely depends upon the needs and requirements. Read further to know the two types of partners.

  • Consulting partners: Although consulting partners can be expensive, they provide a wide variety of services and have large resources. Many businesses prefer choosing consulting partners. After all, they are the first thing that comes to their mind.

If you want to develop applications or migrate data to the cloud, you can ensure that the consulting partners help you. Also, designing your infrastructure is an effortless task for them.

  • Technology partners: You can integrate your AWS with APIs due to the pre-built solutions provided by the technology partners. So, instead of building a solution as per your requirements and needs, you can attain an off-the-shelf solution.

You can choose technology partners if you don’t want to spend much and have an AWS experience in-house.

Factors to consider

After evaluating and determining the type of partner you require, you have to shortlist a list of AWS partners. As mentioned earlier, you can either choose an AWS consulting partner or a technology partner. Since the cloud infrastructure project can lead your company to success, you must take time to review their qualifications. Here are some of the factors.

  1. Areas of expertise: Your focus and objective for your project must be clear, along with the support and services you require. You can look for partners with expertise in those areas. So, make sure that they have handled projects that are similar to yours. For that, you can look at their past projects and get a clear idea.
  2. Cloud experience and focus: Does the AWS partner have extensive experience in cloud computing or AWS? Or is it just a small add-on? You must gain information by asking such questions before making a decision.
  3. Certifications: Certifications mean that the partner has a sufficient amount of knowledge in cloud computing or AWS. It can also mean that they are well-trained and experienced. Apart from the company certification, you might want to look at the certifications of the key team members.
  4. Location: Video conferencing has made communication easier but make sure the location of the AWS partner lies within your city. After all, time zones allow real-time communication to be challenging.

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