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How to clean your home room by room

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How to clean your home room by room

While cleaning each area in the house requires a slightly different approach, there are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind. Before commencing the project, it’s vital to remove everything from the room that doesn’t belong there. It will take you around 30 minutes to do a basic clean or an hour or two for a thorough spring cleaning with your vacuum and rags. If you didn’t clean for a long time then it may lead to hire a professional Carpet Cleaning London.


Cleaning a room begins with clearing the clutter so that you can reach the surfaces to clean. Objects that belong in another location and those which should remain where they are are the two categories of clutter to be eliminated. The first type of item must be permanently removed from the area, while the second type must relocate temporarily while you clean.

Enter the room you want to clean with two laundry baskets or two garbage bags in tow.

All the items in another part of the house should be collected and placed in one basket or bag.

In the other basket or bag, put everything that hasn’t been put away but is in the correct room.

Put away these baskets or bags for the moment.

In a box, collect all the items now sitting on cleaning surfaces. From shoes under the bed to picture frames on shelves, this can encompass anything.

Remove the boxes from the room and place them in the corridor or another room.


After clearing out the clutter, vacuuming and dusting are quick and straightforward. You’ll want to remove as much dirt and dust from the room as possible before you begin scrubbing. Dusting brushes on vacuums are more efficient than dust rags or feather dusters, which some cleaners prefer. If you’re in a hurry, you can skip step one.

Examine the ceiling for cracks or other damage. If there are any spider webs, tie a rag to a broom and brush them away with the broom handle. If you hire professional house cleaning services, they will take care of all these things.

You should start at the highest point and work your way down. Vacuum dust brushes are easy to use and quick to best Carpet cleaning London clean up.

Remove all furniture, including the bed and any tables or desks, from the room and vacuum the floor.


In addition to fast dusting or vacuuming, some surfaces in your room will demand more cleaning effort than others. If you have wooden shelves and furniture, use wood cleaning, and if you have synthetic surfaces, use an all-purpose cleaner or hire a carpet cleaner such as best Upholstery Cleaning London. In regions where there are spots, damp your cloth and run it over the surface, scraping in those areas. It will remove any dirt or dust that was left behind after cleaning and vacuuming. After cleaning wooden surfaces, they can polish for a deep clean.


As for windows, they are likely to be skipped in a quick clean. Clean windows thoroughly with Windex or prepare your homemade window cleaner. You may also use cleaning wipes or a clean towel. For glass cleaner, perform these steps:

Spray the window from top to bottom.

Then, using the clean rag, wipe the window to remove any remaining dust.

Use newspapers to dry windows by swiping them from top to bottom in smooth strokes. This stage removes streaking from the design.

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