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How TO Connect A Portable Generator To A House

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How TO Connect A Portable Generator To A House

How TO Connect A Portable Generator To A House

A generator can be an important component if you stay in an area with an unstable power supply. It serves as your immediate solution to the power shortage. However, to enjoy the benefit that comes with using Generator, you must hire rotor repair services to sort your generator problem.

Remember, that installation cost isn’t always included when purchasing a generator. It incurs additional expenses to get it done by a professional technician. Lucky enough, generator installation isn’t as complicated as installing other high-end appliances.

It can be carried out in a matter of minutes or seconds provided you have the right technical know-how. To help you get started with this process, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to explain how to connect a portable generator in your home.


Appliance Power Usage

Before getting started with the installation, there are a few things to consider. First, you have to consider the appliances you use most of the time, as well as their power usage. Knowing the amount of power they’re likely to consume when switched on not only saves you the trouble of going for a wrong generator but ensures you don’t power on the devices likely to consume excess power when your generator is turned on.

For instance, most refrigerators are likely to consume an average of 1200 watts, while light bulbs consume 150 watts. Microwave, on the other hand, consumes a minimum of 1500 watts while washing machines also consume an average of 1000 watts.

Wiring System

There are several wiring systems to choose from when wiring a house. To know the most suitable option for your home, contact the department of labour and industries or invite an emergency electrician in London. Avoid going online to find out which system is ideal.  Most online contents on the topic are published by a webmaster who has little or no experience with the wiring system.

Get An Interlock Kit

This isn’t as complicated as figuring out the best wiring system. Interlock kits are quite cheap and can be gotten from an electronics store. However, ensure they’re legal in your area before going out to purchase one. Secondly, they must be properly installed for the proper functioning of your generator.

Safe installation requires that space should be left between your existing breaker box and the new one you plan to install. You should know that a professional electrical company should only install a breaker box, and only one from a trusted company should be utilised.

Lastly, consider getting a manual switch. This will prevent you from accidentally electrocuting someone. In addition to that, go for the safest model to guarantee the safety of you and your household. Going for a manual switch allows you to alternate between your generator and your primary power option.

You will also want to consider an inlet box hook up. The hookup box will be stationed outside your house and will connect to other panel system installed in your home. Again, this hookup box will be installed by a professional company, and you can’t do this without any prior knowledge of the process. Going for a DIY approach may deprive you of an insurance cover.

Lastly, falling back on the internet will probably misguide you when it comes to generator installation. If you need advice on the types of box hookup, breaker box or manual switch to buy, always consider the advice of a professional technician from a reputable company if you prioritise safety over cost.

Starting Up Your Device

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  • After installing all the hooks and gearbox, now is the right time to start your generator. However, several things need to be done before starting the device. If you like to keep your generator indoor, bring it out and place it distant from your house. Ensure it’s not too far for your eyes to reach.
  • Plugin your generator to the hookup. Match the holes on the generator with the one on the prong of your cable. Tuck it in. This connection will ensure power is distributed to your house once the generator is turned on.
  • Connect your attachment cable to your generator and select the voltage you want to be distributed. Next, check the engine and ensure the throttle is in the right position. You will want to ensure the generator has enough fuel, so it doesn’t stop halfway.
  • When all is set, start your generator.  [/su_list]


    Starting a generator isn’t complicated, but the preparatory work that needs to be done ought to be carried out by a professional electrical company. Look no further than Electric Works London if you are ever in need of an affordable and reliable electrician to help out in the home or office.

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