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How To Create Amazing Wedding Memoirs That Will Last Forever?

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How To Create Amazing Wedding Memoirs That Will Last Forever?

One’s wedding happens once in a lifetime. It is on everyone’s mind to freeze these moments forever into a time capsule. Asian Weddings are about vibrant, brilliant hues and colors; blinking serial lights; strings of marigold flowers, coconut leaf pandals; dazzling and entrancing clothes, in dashes of red and gold; bewitching brides bedecked in gold and silver; and beguiling grooms, which all together embody the-brown skinned, Asian wedding experience.  

All these precious moments will be lost forever in the blink of an eye, in the bat of an eyelid, but for memoirs, which are a saving grace and redeeming factor. Photography lends a singular dimension to one’s wedding, which lasts not just for the day but for a whole lifetime ahead. Photography has become very advanced these days with the help of modern technology and devices like End zone cameras. These will be the memoirs of the day which you can reminisce about, and hand over to the coming generations as a family collectible, and legacy. Hiring the services of a suitable Asian wedding photographer in London UK for the day is paramount. This article discusses the various styles of Asian wedding photography and is a preliminary guide to it. The many styles of Asian Wedding photography are delineated below.

Asian Wedding Photography Styles

Traditional Asian Wedding Photography

This style includes many traditional and conventional shots and angles which may be referred to as “classic formal shots”. These kinds of shots include formal shots such as signing of the register, the formal group shots of Jai Mala or ring exchange, or cake cutting, the Viday or Rustaki, the first dance and couple portraits and some other very formal or official, and ceremonious photographs. These will remind one of his/her parents’ photographs. These styles allow the photographer to be in charge of the wedding, including getting involved in guiding, directing and posing, and in some situations, managing the course of the wedding. If this is the style that one prefers to choose, then one must make sure that the photographer one chooses, has ample experience in people management and is adept at taking charge of the situation.

Photojournalistic Asian Wedding Photography 

A style that is growing in popularity is photo journalistic or reportage photography. It is a popular shooting style, particularly suited to capturing candid, off-guard and innocent, relaxed moments of the great day. With this style one allows room for the photographer to maneuver his creative story telling technique and capture moments he notices to retell the story in a casual, conversational, laid- back manner.

This photography requires a lot of creativity, skills and experience, and relies largely upon the experience of the photographer and understanding of the art of photography and efficient use of the camera. This will put to test his visual and technical skills, and he will have had to master the art of quickly aiming, adjusting settings, framing and shooting as moments begin to unfold- moments which are vehicles of humor and delight. The result will be real and natural images. But one needs to be cautious if the photographer has only a year of experience and is self-taught, as he may not have fully developed this style.

Cinematic Asian Wedding Photography

This is a new and inspiring style with an outcome, that can be breathtaking and remarkable. This is primarily reserved for stand out couple portraits. Cinematic wedding photography places emphasis on composition, lighting and background. Shots include the couple posing formally or candidly against a picturesque background resulting in some inspirational and eternal wedding snaps. There will be some photos that are to some degree, a composite of fashion photography. However, if not carried out efficiently, the outcome can be out -of- date, “on- trend styles” of photography.

 Natural Light Wedding Photography

This style of photography uses another skill-based style and depends largely upon the photographer’s knowledge and understanding of his craft. Natural light wedding photography uses natural and available light to capture the moment rather than a camera flash or artificial light sources. This is suitable for daytime and outdoor weddings, or in a wedding venue that is flooded with ample natural daylight. The result is more natural and this style of photography requires a more experienced photographer who knows how to handle shadows and allow for low light and other extreme lighting conditions such as harsh midday light. The photographer should have adequate experience and relevant training as this is not an easy genre of photography.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

This style of photography is appropriate for, couple, that has a creative bent of mind, where- in you will witness imaginative framing, lighting and compositions. In this style of photography, one gets to see things in a different light, wherein one just sees the elements of the story, rather than the whole picture, and it relies heavily on the viewer to fill in the gaps and see the beauty in the image rather than the image as a whole. One may just get glimpses of the wedding lehenga or mere details of the shot. The emphasis here is on the art, and creativity. This style is best used in combination with another, to also include key shots.

One needs to check with the photographer if he/ she can incorporate both styles. This style is for those who are style — conscious, and whose main focus will be wedding day portraits, based on the commercial shoots of fashion and bridal magazines. This is a combination of engagement photography and pre- wedding shoots. This kind of photography is quite intensive with multiple lighting setups and many directions on poses and settings.

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