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How to entertain followers on Facebook and Instagram

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Today, it is almost impossible to find those who do not yet have a Facebook or Instagram profile, it is instead quite simple to notice that a profile is badly managed or rather not effective. It isn’t a problem if it is a personal profile but things change if that social channel has to bring you work.

Do you have a business, are you a freelancer, do you manage a hotel or do you have a hotel? Well, you have to learn how to professionally curate your Facebook page and your social channels, make the content you publish interesting and entertain your followers effectively.

Work on the social editorial level

Gathering followers in a natural way is not impossible, even if it is a goal that requires time, dedication, the ability to offer interesting content and to be an active and competent brand in its sector.

What can you do in concrete?

You need to work on a social publishing plan that helps you become a reference for the reader.

The ideal is to create thematic columns that encourage reading, to always give useful information but vary with the topics: there must be informative content but also educational and fun, entertainment content.

In addition, you have to vary with the chosen formats: images are not enough but also work on carousels, videos and live broadcasts.

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Create interesting polls to grab the attention of followers

The surveys are an effective tool to engage your niche and naturally arouse attention toward your initiatives. By creating a poll, you can grab attention, entice interaction, and ask for non-committed attention from your audience. But it’s not just that: with a survey you also give importance to your reader, you tell him between the lines that his opinion is important.

The double advantage consists in the fact of receiving feedback at no cost on the effectiveness of the choices and, in addition, of stimulating the participants to become aware of the activities carried out by the brand.

Furthermore, surveys can also constitute entertainment elements to be included in the editorial plan to vary one’s content offer and encourage users to participate more actively.

In a context where organic advertising on social media gets less and less space in favor of paid advertising, which is much more expensive, this approach helps to carve out a space in the minds of the most loyal consumers and to appear as active brands interested in the attention of followers.

The survey functions can be applied not only on the profile of the company page but also in the Facebook communities: for example, you could encourage the members of the groups most relevant to your target to participate, where permitted by their respective managers. Think of all those cases in which you want to create content for your audience (case histories, interviews with industry experts, infographics, webinars …) and you want to be sure to maximize their usefulness but also to promote them even before making them.

Remember not to bore your audience with boring surveys, rather do games and challenges like 24 motives 24 names, these are entertaining, yet they tell you what your audience likes and dislikes. Trying to know your audience is an essential part of being an entertainer.

Entertaining followers on Facebook and Instagram means staying true to yourself

I gave the example of the polls but I would like to reiterate one important thing. Always remember to entertain your followers on Facebook and Instagram without ever “depersonalizing” your corporate nature.

You need to maintain a consistent tone of voice for your brand in every piece of content you post.

If you want to appear authoritative, professional or friendly or ironic, then you will have to do it in every area of ​​your social communication, whether in the texts that accompany the images, or in the questions you ask your audience with a survey or other type of content.

A good way to productively direct efforts is to tailor content to each platform’s target preferences. If you have business contacts on Facebook but also on Linkedin, it is much easier for serious posts and images to have engagement feedback on both channels but in a different way. For this reason, always study your audience and work to capture their attention and satisfy their reading desires.

As you can well understand, the secret to working well is always the same, focusing on the truth and on the personality of the brand. Only in this way will you be able to entertain social followers by giving content that they like because they are real and therefore appreciated.


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