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How to fix high ping problem in PUBG Mobile

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How to fix high ping problem in PUBG Mobile

A grave role in Battle Royale Games Internet. Without a good internet connection, you won’t be able to survive in the game any longer. Because bad internet leads to high ping. And if you get a ping longer than 100 ms. Then the reaction time will be extended. In-game ping tells you the millisecond delay between your input and in-game action. Recently, many players have had a problem with high ping in pubg. Due to the high ping, they are not able to play the game properly. If you are facing a similar problem, this article may be able to help you.

What is Ping in PUBG Mobile?

Additionally, Ping in PUBG Mobile refers to the network latency between the player’s client and the game server. Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms). (1 second = 1000 milliseconds) The lower the ping, the lower the delay and the lower the delay. In online games, ping less than 20-40 ms is considered great. However, more than 150 ms of in-game ping can cause a noticeable lag in pubg mobile. Perhaps you own the fastest gaming computer. But with slow (higher) ping, your actions will take longer. This will give you a downside in the online arena.

How high ping affects gameplay?

Well if you are playing PUBG Mobile with high ping. Then you know about all the disadvantages of playing a higher ping. If you don’t know, here’s an example for you.

For example – If you are getting a ping longer than 100-200 ms. And your opponents get a ping of less than 50-80 ms. Then it doesn’t matter that you fired the enemy first. Because due to the longer response time, it will take some time to fire the pistol to register on the server. And your opponent’s shots will register quickly due to the low ping level. Therefore, you will soon die in the game. Also while driving and wandering around the game. You will experience a lag and lag between your contribution and the action in the game.

Why is PUBG Mobile a high ping problem?

There is no specific reason for the high ping problem in pubg. This problem may occur because of the server. For example – if you live in Asia and you have chosen a European server by mistake. Then this problem arises. If you are in a team you only have a problem with high ping.

So the question arises that how to control high ping in pubg?

However, There may be an issue with your internet connection. Or, if your internet connection is good, the problem could be with the game. Which can be solved by reinstalling the game. Well, whatever the reason, here are some ways that how to reduce high ping in pubg.

Fix PUBG Mobile high ping – Reduce Ping in PUBG Mobile.

Note : This article applies to both emulators and mobile players. So if you are playing PUBG Mobile at Tencent Gaming Buddy. Then you can follow this article to fix high ping problem in pubg.

Perform a ping test

To find out, the problem is on your side of the game’s server-side. First, you need to do a ping test. Instead of pinging a specific internet address. Therefore, I suggest you do a loopback test on your own computer. So to find out whether the network card and connection settings are correct or not.

For users of emulators

If you have a problem with high PUBG Mobile ping on your computer. Then you need to ping your computer with CMD.

1. Click the Start button in Windows 10, search for CMD. And click “Run as administrator” to run CMD with administrator privileges.

2. In CMD, enter the following command to do the loopback ping test.


How to reduce high ping problem in PUBG Mobile

If the minimum, maximum, and average pings are less than 1ms or 0ms. This means your internet is working absolutely fine. The problem may be with the server or the game.

You can also perform a ping test on the website. Just type ping in front of the site’s address at the command prompt. For example – Ping www. Google. com (remove space)

For Android and iOS users

To do a loopback ping test on the Androids smartphone system. You can use a terminal emulator or a ping application. Terminal emulator constantly sends packets and there is no stop option. So I suggest installing the Ping app. Comes with a stop option.

Just install the Ping app from the play store. Open the app, then in the host field, remove google .com, then type and click Start. You can click Stop at any time to find the ping results.

How to reduce high ping problem in PUBG Mobile

How does the ping test work?

The ping test uses your internet connection to send some data packets to a specific address. And these packets are sent back to the computer. The ping test shows the time in milliseconds it took for packets to reach the address. It also shows if any packages were lost in this process or not. If you have a problem with packet loss. Then read my article on Fix Packet Loss.

Repair PUBG Mobile

If you found out by doing the ping test that: your internet is fine. The problem may be with the game. In that case, I suggest you fix the game. You don’t need to reinstall the game. Tencent officially provides a repair option to fix the game. You can find this option on the loading screen. Please check the below screenshot for a better understanding. This will let you that how to solve high ping issue in pubg.

How to reduce high ping problem in PUBG Mobile

What does the repair option do?

This option does nothing special. It just deletes the game data and cache. You can also do this manually by going to – Settings> Applications> Pubg Mobile> Storage> Clear Memory.

This option will delete the last update made by you. So, if you have an unlimited data plan, only use this option. Thanks to this option, I was able to reduce the ping in PUBG mobile. So you can try.

Use the fastest DNS provider

I have personally fixed the ping or game loading problem by changing my DNS provider. Although some people suggest not to change your DNS provider. But you can still try to temporarily change your DNS provider.

1. Download DNS Changer App from the Play Store.

2. Open the app, click Speed ​​Test> Start Speed ​​Test.

Now, in a few minutes, the application will display the DNS server with the ping.

How to reduce high ping problem in PUBG Mobile

3. As you can see Open DNS shows ping 56.00 ms. Which is low compared to other DNS providers.

4. Now click Changer, choose the fastest DNS provider. And then click the Start button.

That’s it. Hope the PUBG Mobile high ping problem has been resolved by now. Some players suggest using a VPN app. But a VPN can increase ping rather than decrease ping.

For the emulator user

If you are a PUBG Mobile emulator user and want to change DNS on your Windows PC. Then follow these steps.

1. Go to Control Panel Network and InternetNetwork and Sharing Center.

2. Click on a network connection. (If it’s WiFi, click on it.)

3. Click Properties.

4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4), then click Properties.

5. Now select “Use the following DNS server addresses.” And then enter the DNS server details and click OK. (You can use the DNS Changer app to find the DNS server address.)

4G LTE extender network

Are you using your smartphone’s data connection? While playing PUBG Mobile?. You should definitely try the 4G LTE Signal Booster app. So it is an application to handle internet connection signals. It is used to ping servers and avoids jumps to minimum values. The main use of this application is to improve ping signal quality. This application will not increase the download speed. It will only help to monitor and stabilize the network connection. And network stability is one thing you need when playing Battle Royale games.


How to fix high ping problem in PUBG Mobile

  • Just install the 4G LTE Extender Network from the Play Store.
  • Open the app, tap “Enable Service”.
  • That’s it, the app will start running in the background. You can stop the process by pulling up the Android Quick Settings menu.

Hope you enjoyed the article and now you will be able to reduce high ping problem in pubg.

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At the end, If you have any queries regarding all the above questions then feel free to ask in the comment box.


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