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How to manage leads

by M Sakhawat
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Have you heard of sales lead management and its importance? Sales leads are prospects or businesses who may eventually become clients for your business.

But before you venture into the concept of managing leads, you need to know the basics. Read on!

What Are Sales Leads?

Sales leads are people or businesses who may transform into paying clients for your company. The company can access sales leads through email marketing efforts, trade shows, online advertising, and other initiatives.

This is why lead management is one of the major topics that helps businesses convert prospects into paying customers. Once the company gets a lead, the key is to learn more about the person and engage in a two-way conversation.

How To Manage Leads?

  1. Identify your hot leads

Not every lead is as promising as others; therefore, pursuing hopeless leads is a waste of time. A lead is considered the strongest when they have a good chance of converting by the sales team. 

Most of the leads are weak and better not be acted on. Make sure to identify the strongest leads before nurturing them.

  1. Get a CRM

CRM is important for optimal sales effectiveness. Provide access to these tools to your sales team to make it easier to capture every information regarding the prospects and customers. 

  1. Nurture your leads

Nurturing the leads is one of the important steps in managing the leads. Depending on your product and services, make sure to maintain an effective first interaction with leads. Take professional lead nurturing services to develop campaigns and contact your prospects multiple times through a great sales cycle.

  1. Pass your leads to sales

Pass the leads off to sales when they are ready to be closed. Sales members will not be happy if they find that the leads or not anywhere near to closing. This is where the lead scoring system helps you. You need to correctly score the leads based on their activity.

  1. Excite your sales staff about each prospect

Salespeople will focus on detailed qualifying, and the rest of the team should do the same. It is necessary to extract information from the prospect like “what interested you about our products” etc. 

This way, salespeople can communicate ideas with the decision-makers in the company. With effective team management, you get the support of all the salespeople and excite them about the possible high paying prospects.

  1. Follow up on your leads promptly

Once you get a list of qualified leads, it is imperative to follow up on the leads promptly. This is because a strong lead can turn cold anytime if you don’t follow up. Make sure to treat your leads like customers and be in touch with them many times.


Moreover, continue to evaluate your sales process to know what works and what doesn’t. A high-quality CRM is the best bet when it comes to effective lead management. 

With effective tools, you can tap the entire workforce to generate and manage qualified leads. Research has already shown that the likelihood to close a sale is more if you act on the leads immediately.

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