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How to Pack Fragile Items | Tips to Pack Delicate Items Carefully

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How to Pack Fragile Items

While moving you obviously will have a fair share of fragile items to pack. These should be packed and kept carefully to avoid them from getting damaged during transit. Therefore, the use of the right kind of material with proper packaging techniques is required.

Fragile items may include items that can be easily broken from antiques to glasswares. When comes to shipping such items, choosing the best quality material for packaging is important.


Here, we have a quick guide about the materials to be used:

Double-wall Cardboard Boxes:

These double wall cardboard boxes are produced using a double layer of robust corrugated cardboard material. These are specifically designed to keep the breakable items safe.

Bubble Wraps:

Bubble wraps are used for packing breakable items as it provides cushioning to fragile items.

Packaging Peanuts: 

These are other effective packaging material used for filling the gaps in the box and cushioning the items present inside.


Tapes are used to wrap every box big or small. The tape is considered the most essential packaging material after the packaging box. It is used for sealing or wrapping and enclosing the storage or shipping.

Tip: While shipping or storing, mark the box of fragile items to be extra cautious.


Tricks for keeping fragile items safe during storage and shipment:

Use Small boxes:

While keeping fragile and heavy items always use small boxes instead of using large boxes.

Wrap every item individually:

While using bubble wrap. Use it wisely, do not wrap all the items together instead wrap them individually.

Fill the hollow items:

When items are fragile it is better to fill the hollow parts in the items and storage box UK with packaging peanuts. This will keep the product intact while moving. This will ensure that item does not break under high pressure.

Use Solid Boxes:

It is advised to use solid and sturdy boxes rather than using flimsy boxes with holes in order to protect the items inside from any damage.

A1 Quality is a mainstream online distributor of packaging material. They provide high-quality packing boxes for moving and all types of packaging material.


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