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How to plan your Instagram posts easily?

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plan your Instagram posts

How to plan your Instagram posts easily? How to save time by planning your publications? How to be regular on Instagram?

Regularity is the key to setting up your Instagram strategy and an Instagram planner is your best tool to make it happen.

With one billion monthly active users and 15 million company profiles, it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd. Instagram no longer displays posts in chronological order but uses an algorithm that rewards posts that get a lot of engagement.

Whatever your business goals, more subscribers, more customers, brand awareness, be part of your audience’s daily life. Ambitious, right?

Planning your posts has many benefits and setting up a tool like an instar BOSS is straightforward. Once you’ve got everything set up, you can free up your time to work on other aspects of Instagram marketing. Find the best marketing tools on tools-webmarketing.com

Benefits of scheduling your Instagram posts

1) use your time wisely

The best time to post to reach your audience isn’t always the most convenient time for you.

By scheduling in advance, you will avoid spending your Saturday morning waiting for the famous hour to post. Instead, you can set aside a few hours to craft and plan for next week’s posts, and focus on the next task. Our team remains at your disposal to help you buy Instagram followers Canada.

2) cultivate a cohesive appearance

Create multiple posts at once with unified aesthetics and descriptions.

Consistent color palettes, hashtags, and captions are important: 60% of brands use the same filter on their Instagram posts, according to a report from Webcam. Why? Because color affects emotions, which affects behavior.

How do you want people to feel when they see your account? What image do you show with your captions? Do you get an emotional spike with every post?

An Instagram planner gives you a long-term overview of your planning.

3) Download visuals from your computer.

Yes, as social media managers we are often glued to our smartphones, but creating posts on the big screen has its benefits.

Skip the extra step of emailing that massive video file or that photoshopped image recently provided by your design team. Whether you manage one account or twenty, save yourself the hassle of managing files.

4) Encourage engagement

A successful Instagram feed is like a compelling story that never ends.

Create flow and relevance for your subscribers by thinking medium to long term, without sacrificing daily quality. So a new study by Union Metrics confirms that engagement doesn’t decrease by posting more. Posting more frequently may be the only way to get subscribers to see your posts.

Post more, but don’t post just to fill your account, the posts should be relevant to your audience!

5) gain subscribers

According to this study, brands that post seven or more times per week increase both engagement and their number of followers. They also noted that the number of subscribers grows four times faster when the accounts publish one post per day, rather than once a week. Attracting new followers takes thought and work, scheduling posts makes the job easier so you can focus on quality.

Convinced? Let’s start.

Boost your Instagram accounts in 3 minutes for free!

How to plan your posts with the instar BOSS platform?

Step 1: Add your Instagram account to the instar BOSS platform

Go to instaboss.fr, log in or register if you don’t have a profile. Go to the “accounts” section of the menu on the left then do “new account” and enter your information.

Step 2: Personalize your post

Once connected, you can now create your first posts by going to the “Add post” section.

While Instagram is designed to post great photos, descriptions are crucial for meaningful engagement. The text box deserves careful thought: what is your goal? Who is your audience?

The text box also allows you to add hashtags (our tip: don’t overuse them, make sure they stay relevant) and a place to further position your post.

Step 3: Plan your post

Nothing too complicated, click on “Schedule”, select the schedule and presto click on “Schedule the post”.

Once scheduled, you can view all of your schedules in your “calendar” and make changes as needed.

Here is a demo video of planning on instar BOSS:

Tips to practice for Instagram post planning

1) Don’t be seen as spam

While plenty of research confirms the benefits of posting more frequently, respect your subscribers’ feeds. For example, post related photos as photo albums.

And follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to promotional content. This means that you devote 80% of the time you have to entertain, inspiring, or educating your audience. Promote your brand only 20% of the time.

2) don’t schedule too far in advance

While it might be tempting to do all of your posts at once, don’t.

The best-designed plans often go wrong, don’t they? So plan too far ahead and your joke might get online between posts about international tragedies, or your big product ad might get lost amid the latest celebrity buzz.

Few brands can afford to appear deaf, uninteresting, or downright monstrous these days. So feel free to adjust your schedule as needed.

3) interact with your audience

Now that you’re saving a lot of time with an Instagram planner, use some of it to grow your community. If you asked a question, answer the answers. If you’ve posted a poll, share the results. Spend some time liking and commenting on other people’s posts.

A little personal attention over the long haul can go a long way.

4) Analyze and adjust

The more you post, the more data you have on your performance.

To access native Instagram analytics, you must have a “professional” Instagram profile. However, there are plenty of Instagram analytics tools for business, 

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