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How To Protect Kitchen Granite Countertops

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How To Protect Kitchen Granite Countertops

If you just bought granite countertops, you are possibly very eager to start using them. So, now As you know, granite is a natural stone and porous. So, you may know about the natural stones that require more maintenance. Also, perhaps you are thinking about keeping counters protected from stains, chips, and heat and maintaining them so that it does not destroy the look of the kitchen and stay long with its beauty.

So here is some guide so let’s dive into it for your countertop’s maintenance, so they do not get damaged soon and stay in the kitchen for a long time.

  • Protection of Counters with Sealing
  • Proper Sealant selection is Essential
  • Use Trivets for Protection
  • Protect outdoor Granite Countertops
  • Other Considerations

How to Protect Your Kitchen Countertop Surface

Protection of Counters with Sealing:

Properly Sealing these counters helps to protect them from stains and moisture. Using trivets on tops will preserve them from heat which causes disturbing cracks. The Use of trivets is best to evade possible problems. They also absorb moisture if you purchase stopper trivets. Use cutting boards for the protection of potential metal scratches, stains, and chipping.

Proper Sealant selection is Essential

The fitting sealing penetrates deeper into the surface of the solid. It resists stains, is easily clean with a minor cleansing agent or wet cloth, and also keeps bacteria away. They are impregnating stone sealers well known for this purpose. Professional contractors use them for sealing granite, marble, and slate counters. 

Tenax Hydrex Impregnating Stone Sealer is the most reliable product. Also, the favourite of workers Professionals use the sealant use this sealant material to seal the stone properly, so the risk of moisture to absorb, fungus and bacteria eliminate. They also work against saturation of oil that is typically stained by natural stones. Tenax Hydrex Sealer kits with instructional DVDs are available in the market, which covers all the features.  If you want to polish and seal your kitchen or bathroom counters on your own, then buy these are supplies that come with Tenax Hydrex Impregnating Sealer so you can easily handle your sealing process. And to make the job easy. 

These sealers prepare for maximum protection and Use on all stone surfaces. The Cover of 160 -180 square feet per quart also becomes dry in 5 – 10 minutes invisibly w/o changing stone. One additional piece of advice is to Keep Them clean after Each Meal. Some people have a habit of cooking and cleaning. So, if you want to go even more to confirm you do not constantly have an eyesore or a stain, it is good to clean as you cook your meals. 

Use Trivets for Protection:

Many people are great believers in the Use of trivets. Though heat might not source harm to your countertops, it is still considerable. So, shield them by using trivets when setting hot pots or pans down on them. The most excellent technique to prevent them from chipping is to avoid it from the start. For this purpose, make sure to choose a better edge that is not as much of a chip. The quarter-round edge is a fine choice, and it is frequently free with your countertop purchase.

Other edges such as the quarter bevel, bullnose, or else curved are excessive to avoid chipping.

If you Use trivets for pots and pans, then they will also help protect you from chipping. It would be best to have a selected area to put your kitchen tools like pots and pans, so you don’t unintentionally chip your best granite countertops in virginia. Be aware and take a while when handling weighty jars and saucepans.

Protect outdoor Granite Countertops:

Through granite counters, the exterior is terrific, and some of us love to have an outdoor kitchen, but from time to time, the elements become a reason to look a bit dull and can be the source of stone’s rough texture. So, use an outdoor sealer essentially that avert damage from the sun. 

Other Considerations:

Protection of granite tops is quite simple by following the maintenance routine. It would help if you used a notepad or keep in mind your maintenance routine. So, what you need to do is Daily just Clean with soap and water, sanitize them and wipe them up to dry. After a month, Clean and sanitize the countertop appliances and wipe dry. Afterwards, annually remove the whole things off your tops, clean, sanitize, and pat dry. Do the sealing by yourself or contract with some good contractor to do their work correctly. 

Please do not use them immediately after sealing. This great maintenance schedule indeed protects your tops, so they work with your kitchen for a long time. When you remove the whole thing from the countertop, you may get underneath the appliances hidden grease and liquids. As soon as you get these falls and splatters up and around, it will be better.

Another thing some people do wrong is they put the fish tank on counters which are heavy, so it is better to avoid heavy items.


It is always the most excellent decision to be proactive when cleaning and caring for your granite countertops. After all, you invest in their beauty and reliability.  It would also be better to follow an upkeep plan and stay reliable with it. Clean up spills instantly throughout food preparation, and make sure to clean your counters after the completion of kitchen work so that they will go with your kitchen for a long time.

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