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How To Reduce Product Damage During Shipping

by Uneeb Khan
Damage During Shipping

Shipped products are usually handled several times during their production and final destination. After that, the product is sent away after packaging and branding. The product may be sent right away to the customer, or it can be subject to numerous stops and truck handovers before being handled to its final destination. However, numerous handling instances increase the likelihood of sustaining damage since the product can be dropped, crushed, or pierced. The following are ways of reducing product damage during shipping.

Use Protective Packaging

The design of protective packaging is meant to shield products from unavoidable wear and tear during shipping. Typically, a product passes through various facilities before arriving at its destination. Therefore, it is impossible to control a product during shipment fully. Fortunately, adopting protective packaging and cold chain packaging can significantly minimize a product’s likelihood of getting damaged during shipment.

Ensure Boxes’ Sizes Are Correct

Placing a small item in a huge box is usually a recipe for tragedy. Furthermore, a safely packed product can still sustain damage caused by corrosion during shipping. So, it would help if you considered investing in using correctly-sized boxes. If you intend to ship different products, you should order different boxes to ensure that every item fits securely and every order is accommodated.

Wrap Every Product

If an item is fragile or prone to exploding, breaking, or spilling, ensure that you wrap everything using cushioning materials. It is essential to know the best type of dunnage to use when packing your things to prevent any form of destruction.

 Investing in Custom Packaging

Someone can be tempted to order their product packaging from the first seller they come across. However, it is essential to ensure that you get the right value for what you pay. Product packaging can enhance customers’ confidence when it comes to shipping companies, since it creates the first impression. One of the best methods of protecting items during shipment is investing in custom-made packaging that fits the products from the start.

Ensure The Products Are Handled Properly

Many different individuals usually handle a package before reaching its final destination. Moreover, some people fail to follow instructions indicating some items are fragile. Improper handling can cause damage that affects the quality of a product. Although a person may not have full control of handling since many parties may be involved, having insurance cover can be helpful.

Do Not Overpack

It is essential to ensure that your products fit comfortably in the box. This is because overpacking can cause corrosion between the items and the inner walls, making the item more prone to damage, which can also compromise the box.

Purchase Insurance Coverage

Although insurance cover does not technically avert shipment of products from damage, it is an essential safety measure to safeguard the monetary aspect of a shipping process. Since some damages are unpreventable, it is essential to protect yourself from inevitable situations.

Investing in robust measures to prevent your products from being damaged during shipment can save you a lot of money. The above ways can be effective in protecting your items from damage.


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