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How to resolve HP printer error OXC19A0042

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Troubleshooting HP printer error

HP is one of the best printer manufacturing companies around the globe. These printers are highly functional and robust. You can easily connect your HP printer to your PC, phone as well a network. Indeed HP printers are very reliable, but few errors can appear while using these devices. The printer can get into errors due to firmware as well as software errors – Troubleshooting HP printer error

Common reasons behind HP printer error


  1. The Hp printer is not connected to the PC
  2. You are trying to print the invalid document
  3. Your printer driver gets corrupted
  4. HP printer is unable to detect the cartridge
  5. The printer gets into paper jamming

Troubleshooting HP printer error OXC19A0042:

Connect your printer to the PC properly

Whenever you get HP printer error 0xc18a0206, check the printer-PC connection. You can get the error message when your PC is unable to detect the printer. Eject the USB cord from the PC and printer and reconnect it properly.

When you are taking the direct printout, make sure the Wi-Fi of both devices is enabled. In case you are getting the HP error message while using the network printing then check your access point. Make sure your PC and HP printer is connected to the same access point.

Check the document

When the error message appears on your screen, check the file immediately. Sometimes users give a print command for an unprintable document. Go to your PC and check the document and its extension. If the file extension is wrong then change it to the valid one and then try to take the printout.

Check your HP printer driver

The printer driver needs to be updated regularly. Your printer driver transfers your PC commands to the printer. When your printer is showing the error, check for the printer driver. If the printer is outdated, install the new HP driver updates.

In case the error is appearing due to a corrupted driver then you need to restore the corrupted files. Restoring the corrupted driver file is not easy as a wrong edit may get the system into other issues.

You can use the driver repair tool which can repair all the corrupted drivers on your system. Otherwise, reinstall the HP printer driver on your computer and then check for the printer-related error codes.

Check the fuser and printhead

When the fuser gets overheated, you need to stop printing until it cools down otherwise it will burn out. If the error is appearing due to a damaged printhead or fuser then you need to replace them. Check the printhead for the clogged sink. You can clean the printhead of your HP printer by using a utility tool or by cleaning manually. You can use the mentioned steps for cleaning HP printhead:

  1. On the PC, go to the HP solution center
  2. Choose the Settings tab and select Printer Toolbox
  3. Select the Device Services tab and hit the Clean Printheads option

Choose the Clean button and follow the on-screen instructions for completing the process. After cleaning the printhead, restart your device and then check whether your OXC19A0042 error gets resolved or not.

Check your ink cartridge

Open the access door of your printer and take out the cartridge. Now check for any kind of damage to the cartridge.

Check the contact pins and remove all the protective tapes and clips. Now reinstall the cartridge and ensure that the pins are touching the printer.

Now restart your printer and try to take a printout with your HP device. Don’t forget to check the ink level on the ink cartridge before taking the printouts.


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