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How to Save a Gmail Email as a PDF?

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How to Save a Gmail Email as a PDF?

Gmail is the leading email client today that is managed and operated by tech giant Google. It is a widely used platform that millions of users around the globe make use of. Its smooth and user-friendly interface molds it to be the top email services provider it is now. However, it lacks in offering the backup of emails to the PC. Gmail users are consistently finding ways to save Gmail emails to the system. The most widely asked question drifting around this is how to save Gmail to PDF or How to Download Gmail Backup on System – How to Save a Gmail Email as a PDF?

Hence, bear with me and you will find the answers to all these queries. The emerging need to save Gmail to PDF lures us to look at the reasons to export Gmail emails to PDF.

Why should you Export Gmail to PDF? 

There are several situations that lead to a backup of Gmail mailboxes.  These are some reasons to convert Gmail to PDF.

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  • It lays out a way by which you can view the Gmail emails offline whenever required.
  • Email backup in PDF format is the safest as PDF files are easy to open and view on any device.
  • The emails in the PDF files can be made secure by encrypting them with passwords.
  • Gmail starts lagging when its 15 GB of storage space gets crammed. 
  • To save your personal information in the Gmail emails from hacking, or theft incidents.


After going through these reasons to save Gmail to PDF, you would surely be in a hurry to learn the method to save emails to PDF. The manual method briefed below will guide you to your solution.

How to Save Gmail as PDF

There are different methods available to download Gmail emails as PDF documents. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps in a stepwise manner to efficiently save Gmail to PDF.


Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account using the Gmail Username and Password.


Step 2: Select the email that you wish to convert to PDF.


Step 3: Now, click on the More Options icon, and from the options choose Print

How to Save a Gmail Email as a PDF?

Step 4: You can also directly click on the Print All icon in the email.

How to Save a Gmail Email as a PDF?

Step 5: After that, in the new window, under Destination choose Save As PDF.

How to Save a Gmail Email as a PDF?

Step 6: You can change the Page Settings accordingly by clicking on More Settings


Step 7: Now, hit the Save button and choose the location on your PC.

How to Save a Gmail Email as a PDF?

Step 8: Once you pick the location where you want to save the file, click on Save. Your selected Gmail email will be saved as a PDF.

How to Save a Gmail Email as a PDF?

This manual method is easy to execute by following the above steps. It is a direct method to backup a single email as a PDF. Although, users can face some difficulties with this manual method to save Gmail to PDF. 

Limitations of the Above Method

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  • For bulk conversion of emails, this could be a very time-consuming method as you have to save a single email at once.
  • The backed-up PDF files can sometimes get corrupted losing all the data.
  • It is always not an effective and ideal backup process as you cannot manually backup hundreds of emails individually.


To avoid the above limitations, an alternate solution i.e. Arsyon Gmail Backup Tool can be used to directly convert bulk Gmail emails to PDF. It is the best solution to save Gmail to PDF, PST, EML, MSG, DOC, DOCX, EMLX, etc. It can also migrate the Gmail emails directly to other email clients like Yahoo, Thunderbird, Live Exchange, Opera Mail, etc. 


Gmail offers comprehensive email services to its clients along with other features. It provides 15 GB of storage space that turns out to be less for some users. Backing up Gmail emails as PDF allows to free up this space and makes the Gmail experience smooth. The manual method to save Gmail to PDF has been discussed in this blog for your execution. It exports emails to PDF but some limitations jam it. A professional tool such as Gmail Converter Tool is recommended to swiftly save a Gmail email as a PDF or other file format.

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