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How to save on online purchases with cashback and discount codes

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Cashback and discount codes are exceptional tools to save money in the online purchase of goods and services: how they work, where to find them, how to make the most of them.

Nowadays you can save in shopping online with millets discount codes and cashbacks, which when used systematically and intelligently, allowing to make savings in purchases on the web and not needlessly wasting money that could be used differently.

If you too want to spend as little as possible without sacrificing the quality of what you buy and the security of commercial transactions, take some time to read this article on the practical use of cashback and discount coupons, thanks to which I can now to save a lot of money a year in buying everything I need.

Differences between cashback and discount codes

Cashback and discount codes are both savings systems and do not constitute earning methods for the consumer, as some erroneously insist, but there are fundamental differences between them that it is good to know right away to avoid confusion.

What is cashback and how it works

The Anglo-Saxon term “cashback,” which means “money back” in Italian and not to be confused with the same word used by financial market operators and with that recently introduced by the State and called Italia Cashless, indicates the reimbursement of a part of the money spent on the purchase of a good or service at affiliated shops.

The sites and cashback circuits, private and where it is necessary to register to obtain the re-credit of a variable percentage of the amount paid, enter into commercial agreements with online stores and sometimes with physical points of sale, according to which they are entitled to a commission. brokerage for each purchase made through their platforms.

In this way, this ingenious win-win marketing system , invented in the United States a decade ago and increasingly widespread around the world, allows cashback sites to generate profits and consumers to spend less.

In practice, cashback constitutes a retrospective refund of part of the money disbursed to make the purchase based on the percentage agreed between the operators of the circuit and the individual stores and that the buyer can collect after a certain period of time and upon reaching of a certain amount.

What are the discount codes of the various types and the advantages deriving from their use

Instead, discount codes , also commonly called promotional codes or coupons, are a string of alphanumeric characters that must be entered in the appropriate form of an e-commerce before making the payment to get a discount on the purchase, a gift, free delivery. or another benefit. DealDrop.com has an endless variety to offer when it comes to discount codes.

Promoted by online stores to entice consumers to buy on their portals instead of on their competitors’ sites, discount codes are savings tools not to be confused with the so-called ” friend code “, often used in promotions run by influencers and assigned by companies to users personally to build customer loyalty.

Discount codes in percentage

If I want to buy a laptop costing 500 euros and I have a 10% discount code on this item and I use it at the time of payment, I will spend 450 euros, while if I had used a 20% code, I would have paid 400 euros.

In practice, a discount code of this type allows you to save a predetermined percentage indicated on the same on the purchase of the asset.

Discount codes in euros

If I use a discount code in euros worth € 50 to make the same purchase, I spend € 450 instead of € 500, while if I used a € 30 discount code I would spend € 470.

In order to take advantage of a discount code in euros, it is almost always necessary to reach a minimum amount of expenditure .

Always taking the example of the laptop, if I have a € 100 voucher that can be used with a minimum purchase of € 500, I spend € 400, while I would not be able to use it if the minimum expenditure to reach was € 600.

Discount codes for registration

These promotional discount codes in percentage or in euros are issued by e-commerce to entice potential customers to sign up on their site.

I find them interesting if you intend to buy a good or a service within a short time on this site, because they are usually only valid for the first purchase and expire quickly (the standard duration is 30 days from the time the coupon is issued. ).

Extra outlet or discount codes

Promoted by e-commerce mainly during sales periods , when they need to free the warehouse and on off-season items, these codes allow you to take advantage of both the affordable price of an item put on sale and the extra discount provided by the coupon if you use it. at checkout.

Taking the example of the laptop again, if this, instead of having the initial list price of € 500, were discounted in an outlet at € 400 and I had an extra discount code of € 30, I would pay € 370.

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