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How To Set Up Your New Startup’s Payroll

by John Milton
How To Set Up Your New Startup’s Payroll

Startup businesses often scramble to get everything important set up within the first few weeks, and that can be an incredibly chaotic period for any business owner. Of course, some parts of your business are much more important than others – with payroll processing being a clear example.

Without decent payroll software and a good handle on your payment structure, it can become incredibly hard to pay employees on time. The last thing a startup needs is to burn employee trust by failing to pay them regularly – but how can you get the payroll set up so quickly?

Understand the Legal Side

Take some time to look into the legal information relevant to your payroll, especially if you have never actually double-checked any of the legal documentation. Understanding your legal responsibilities and the penalties associated with them can be extremely important for dealing with all kinds of problems.

Be sure to get expert help if you can’t understand the legal details involved or do not know how to proceed with some of the legal work. It is always better to ask rather than running in blindly and getting caught up in some legal issues that you were not even aware of.

Check Your Current Skill Level

Be sure to look at your current employees to see who has any financial skills, if any. Even if you plan to outsource your payroll to a third party, it might help to have somebody in-house that knows how to handle financial information.

If you want to keep your payroll processing system completely internal, then it is a good idea to pick out at least one employee who could handle it well. Financial experience means fewer errors and delays when you need to get the payroll done on a tight schedule.


Outsourcing is a great option and is one of the most common payroll tips for new business owners. While it has limits and downsides, a lot of businesses rely on a third party to make paystubs and payslips for them or to manage and cross-check their finances.

Using a third-party expert is a great way to compensate for your team not really having any financial experience, and it can also result in you getting more ways to optimize or improve your finances in the long term. Just remember that you need to choose an outsourced team worth using.


Another popular option is to partially automate your payroll through payroll software. Tools like a paystub generator or check stub maker can provide easy ways to create a paystub quickly – and considering how long it can take to create a pay stub, this is a worthwhile option to take.

Tools like this make it much easier for your staff to manage the payroll internally, reducing human error and allowing for much faster payroll processing. In some cases, they might even open up more options for storing your data safely or help you skip major hurdles involved in creating accurate payroll forms and documents at short notice.

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