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How to Speed up Your Netgear WiFi Extender

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Sluggish WiFi connection, buffering while streaming movies, dropped WiFi network – users all over the world are struggling with such issues. On the off chance if you are also bothered by the slow internet even after the Netgear extender setup, you have reached the right page. This post will make you familiar with some proven ways to speed up your Netgear WiFi extender. Let’s take the plunge.

Speed up Your Netgear Range Extender

1. Select a Good Place For Your Extender

Keep in mind that not all places in your house are equally suitable for your Netgear extender. Do not place your extender near metal objects and other devices that transmit radio waves, e.g. microwaves, refrigerators, cordless phones, baby monitors, and Bluetooth speakers.

Other than that, materials like cardboard, foam, glass, wood, and plastics can also block WiFi signals incoming from your range extender. Improper placement of your Netgear wireless extender not only results in slow WiFi but also leads you to the mywifiext net login issues. Therefore, place your Netgear range extender away from the aforementioned devices.

2. Cut Off WiFi Leeches

An encrypted, password-protected WiFi is a must. It is just a misconception that your neighbors won’t use your WiFi network just because they have their own. Trust us, they will! As soon as you have set up your Netgear WiFi range extender, you will get a new, extended SSID, namely Netgear_ext. It is suggested to secure your Netgear extender network with a strong password. Keep the following factors in mind while creating a strong password:

  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols in the password.

  • Don’t include any personal data such as your name, mobile number, home address, vehicle number, and related information in the password.

  • Avoid using common passwords like 123456, qwerty, and password.

  • Create a unique password that is easy to remember for you but hard to guess for others.

Thus, no unwanted user will be able to connect to your WiFi network and you can access a fast-speed internet connection on all your devices.

3. Keep Your Netgear Extender Updated

The next thing to speed up your Netgear extender is to update its firmware on a regular basis. The newest firmware updates introduce new features, security improvements, and bug fixes to your extender. So, it is utterly important to keep your Netgear extender’s firmware up-to-date. Here are the do-follow steps to update the firmware on your extender:

  • Power on your computer or laptop and make sure that it has an accessible internet connection.

  • Pull up your favorite web browser on it.

  • Visit mywifiext login web page.

  • Insert the admin username and passphrase and hit Log In.

  • Once logged in, the Netgear genie setup page displays.

  • Go to the Firmware Update section.

  • Walk through the on-screen instructions to perform the Netgear extender firmware update.

In this manner, you can update the firmware on your Netgear wireless range extender.

4. Control Bandwidth-Hungry Apps

All it takes a bandwidth-hungry app to degrade the speed of your Netgear extender. Luckily, the latest models of Netgear WiFi range extenders come with FastLane Technology using which you can prioritize your online tasks. Thus, no more internet speed loss! Just configure the FastLane Technology on your Netgear WiFi extender via mywifiext.net web admin panel and speed it up.

To Conclude

Using these 4 easy and simple ways, you can make your Netgear WiFi range extender speedy. Do you know any other way to speed up your Netgear extender? Remember to share that with your fellow readers as well via comments.

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