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How to tackle the most disliked chapter in Class 9 – Triangles ?

by M Sakhawat
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Students should note that Class 9 builds the foundation for Class 10 and many topics that are studied in Class 9 are used in the application to solve problems in Class 10. The Geometry section in Class 9 exams is the most dreaded one out of all other sections in the exam. It is because most of the students find Geometry complicated and intimidating at the same time. Under the geometry section, the topic of Triangles is disliked the most by the students. A lot of students consider Triangles as the most intimidating and confusing topic in the Geometry section.  


Some students may find other sections such as statistics, mensuration etc. difficult too. But, a majority of students struggle with the chapter on Triangles and its area. It is a fun fact that more than 90 per cent of the questions related to Geometry are from the NCERT textbook. This article will help you deal with this chapter more effectively. The most appropriate tips to follow to cover the topic Triangles and its area seamlessly include:


  • Avoid overthinking about the difficulty level. To begin with, you must not lose your focus and attention. You must avoid procrastination at every instance because there is no point in dwelling over the problem if you have no intentions to reach an acceptable solution to the problem. To understand the concepts of Triangles and their area without any frustration or complexity, you must stay calm and composed and read the examples before moving on to the exercises. Go through the examples carefully and try to analyze the theorems used to solve the question. Moreover, the most appropriate step in understanding any problem related to geometry is to represent the statement given in the question using a figure. A figure with proper labellings is essential for solving the problem efficiently.


  • Understand the major theorems along with their converse interpretations. Geometry is all about shapes and figures. Certain fundamental statements that can be proved true via logic and reasoning are known as Theorems. An In-depth understanding of the theorems is necessary. The theorems come in handy to solve the questions related to the topic comfortably, and their correct application is required to solve the questions. In some questions, a converse application of the theorems solves the problem. You can only apply a particular theorem in a given question provided, you have a clear understanding of the terms that have to be satisfied for a theorem to hold. Therefore, read the theorems earnestly along with their converse applications. Practice the theorems and their converse applications meticulously because direct questions related to theorems can also come in the exam. So, it will be easy to fetch marks in such questions if you’re already thorough with the theorems.  


  • Practice questions extensively from the NCERT textbook and other reference books because continuous practice will develop an increased understanding of the basic concepts and theorems. The more questions you practice, the broader your perspective on critical thinking develops. So, you must practice the examples and the exercises given in the NCERT textbook. For additional practice, you should refer to RS Aggarwal’s book for Class 9 Mathematics. RS Aggarwal is strictly based on the NCERT curriculum. It has a variety of questions and if you practice a bulk of questions, the approach to follow while solving any given question becomes crystal clear. You can check out the RS Aggarwal Class 9 Solutions Chapter 14 here. Solve as many questions as you can and tally your mistakes from the solutions provided. 


  • Solve the Worksheets and Sample Papers for Class 9. Mathematics is all about practice and more practice. A topic as vast as Geometry can only be covered extensively through rigorous practice and hard work. You should solve the worksheets and sample papers for Class 9 regularly to brush up on your knowledge and application of theorems according to the demand of the question. You can also judge the level of questions that show up in the exam, along with the most important theorems and their application.


  • Take assistance from your Teachers because there are more than one ways to solve a particular question related to Geometry. It is essential to engage in a discussion with your teacher and try to figure out the most appropriate and time-efficient approach to follow while solving a question. Since you have limited time in the exam, it is not worthwhile to adopt a lengthy approach for solving the questions. This is very necessary as your teachers’ guidance can make or break you because they have significantly more experience and knowledge about the subject. You can compare the approaches you and your teacher follow and choose the most appropriate one according to your need.


  • Improve over your attention span and focus because Geometry demands huge concentration and critical logical thinking to interpret the demands of the question and answer accordingly. So, staying in your senses is vital. Do not panic even though you have no clue about proceeding with the question. It is easier said than done, but being calm and quiet will improve your level of concentration. Panic and frenzy will lead to confusion and frustration as a result of which you won’t be able to think much about the possible solutions to a given question. So, you must maintain your cool at all times.


You should follow the tips mentioned above to improve your understanding of- Triangles and their area and solve questions related to this topic without any hardship. These are general tips that will help you overcome the fear and hesitation behind Geometry. There is no fundamental approach that works equally in favour of all students. So, you must improvise, adapt and follow the approach that best suits your capabilities. You can overcome any obstacle in life provided you have the sheer will and determination to surpass the difficulty. It is just a tricky topic. Go with the flow and give it your best shot. You’ll likely overcome the fear of geometry and score good marks in your Class 9 Exams. 

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