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How to tell your Logistics Driver is Too Tired to Drive?

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Perhaps your same day logistics company is struggling due to shortage of truck drivers in the UK. Drivers are already having a hard life that is contributing to reducing their motivation to continue their current jobs with multi-drop courier UK companies. Amidst the devastating pandemic of Coronavirous and its implications on UK’s economy, logistics companies are struggling to keep their drivers happy to keep them engaged for a long time.

According to Forbes, too many drivers nowadays feel homesick and look tired while performing their duties. This happens in European delivery and pickup services in the UK which suffer losses due to vehicle crashes as a result of drivers’ negligence. The situation maybe alarming in the whole world, but many drivers cannot help but fall asleep during their duties.

Sleep Deprivation can Have Effect on your Drivers’ Wellbeing

The National Sleep Foundation states that drunk drivers who consume alcohol may suffer from sleep deprivation that can have several effects on their bodies. For example, if your drivers are driving for more than 18 hours continuously to delivery your supplies to customers, then your next day courier UK Company should think about an alternative to give these drivers some rest.

Here are the four symptoms that help to determine whether drivers at your economy parcel delivery services companies are too tired to drive. In these situations or circumstances, you should not let drivers cross their limits and drive to cause damage.

Signs of Drivers’ Tiredness behind the Wheels

If you want to reduce the occurrence of driving recklessly, then you need to control the drowsiness of drivers in your company. That requires logistics mangers to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms that show their drivers are too tired to drive even a single mile. Look out for these common symptoms that show your drivers’ bodies are fatigued. This can impair their abilities to drive well.

  1. Yawning During Driving
  2. Memory Lapse in Drivers
  3. Deviating from their Lanes
  4. Unsafe Driving Behaviours

Now, let us discuss all these signs in a detail to draw a clear picture.

Unsafe Driving Behaviours behind the Wheels

Driving full time for a door to door courier UK company is not an easy job. If you observe that your drivers are frequently tailgating and showing other unsafe driving manoeuvres, these are the signs of they may be dozing off. Especially, if they are found to be engaging more than often in skipping lanes, then this maybe a warning sign for others as well to be aware of such a nasty driver behind the wheel.

Deviating from the Lane Often

Now we come to the lane deviation problem seen in many tired or drunk drives. If your company has good policies regarding not hiring or employing drivers who drink while at their duties, then the reason for their sleepiness maybe something else, like a family problem or a financial issue.

If you observe or hear that your drivers are starting to go back and forth in their lanes, drifting from lane to lane can mean that you should advise them to pull over and calm their mind.

Memory lapse

Memory damage is common in drivers who stay awake for countless hours before final y taking a sweet nap. Most drivers sleep for a few hours in the vehicle, this leads to forgetting even the last couple of miles they have driven recently during a cold night. That shows that drivers are tired and they need to take a break from their routine.

Yawning at Job

When you know that your drivers are yawning continuously yawning behind the wheels, this is a sign that their ability to keep eyes focused on the road can be seriously affected. Infect, yawning is the most common indicator that your logistics driver is in need of a good night sleep.

What can you do to Help Them Get Home Safe?

All drivers get tired of long journeys and need a break to get a good night sleep to be able to work again. Whether they have to start early in the morning or delivery your company’s goods at night, they need encouragement and rest to recharge their batteries. This means you should never encourage too tired drivers to get behind the wheel at the first place.

The above mentioned symptoms are an indicator that your drivers will never drive safely if they are not given a chance to sleep well. Their bodies and brains can malfunction to cause serious damages to their own wellbeing as well as your equipment. You can do the following to solve this problem:

  • Call another driver to perform the duty
  • Take advantage of the safety systems in the truck
  • Engage Mind to avoid sleep
  • Consider taking a nap in the middle of the journey

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