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How To Write an Effective Marketing SMS

by M Sakhawat
Marketing SMS

Mobile marketing and SMS messaging are the latest strategies to take the marketing and digital advertising world by storm. Nowadays, almost everyone has a cell phone and can receive and open texts quickly. In addition, texts are unlikely to fall into a spam folder like email, ensuring your intended recipient gets the message in a timely manner. But having a mobile platform and a dedicated budget doesn’t equate to a great mobile marketing campaign.

First, you have to make sure you develop a marketing text message that is effective and attention-getting. Once you’ve completed this step, ultimately building a campaign around the text message is easy, affordable, and scalable. Keep reading to discover the top five best ways to write an effective marketing SMS.

1. Do Target Research

A well-written SMS message will fall on deaf ears if you don’t target the right audience. To maximize your response rate, you should make sure you’re tailoring your message to the demographic you most want to reach. This could mean developing different messages based on age groups, income level, or even gender. This will help you develop the right language for an effective call to action.

2. Use a Template

If you’ve done successful SMS marketing campaigns in the past, look at your previous templates to get some ideas. Or, even better, check out some SMS marketing templates online that have been developed by professionals like those at Podium. From announcing your latest promotions or sales to notifying customers of low-stock inventory, many SMS templates make developing a tailored message completely from scratch a lot easier.

3. Use Attention-Grabbing Language

SMS users can receive hundreds of messages a day. That’s why your SMS message needs to be attention-grabbing and effective at creating action. Remember that with SMS messaging, you have limited space to craft exactly what you want to say versus a longer email or advertising spot. The first few words of the message are what the recipient sees first, so put your offer front and center.

4. Pay Attention to Timing

While most people always have their phones on them, there is an optimal time window to either get a response or make a lasting impression. For example, sending a text in the late-afternoon window will likely get better traction than one sent in the middle of the night or during dinner time. In addition, don’t bombard your customers with multiple texts throughout the day. Make your text short, readable, and well-crafted.

5. Proofread and Test

While this may go without saying, always proofread your SMS message and send it out to a small circle of friends or employees before rolling out a major campaign. And, once the campaign ends, always be sure to continually test out the kinks and learnings to make your next campaign even stronger.

Knowing how to write a compelling SMS message is the best first step to succeeding with mobile marketing. Get texting and growing your customer base today!

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